Government targets Essay Sample

Obesity has grown by almost 400% in the last 25 years this is ridiculous because this means that about three quarters of the adult population are overweight or obese. It is also a fact that the problem of obesity is estimated to be costing the country around i?? 3. 3 billion per year which is a huge amount of unnecessary money that is being spent. With these figures it is clear that the government cannot ignore the massive problem of obesity and something needs to be done about it and quickly before there are more deaths within the population caused by obesity and the costs rise even more.

One of the main reasons that this has happened is through the trend for buying fast foods and the super size options that are now being provided. With a mix of this and our sedentary lifestyles consisting of higher TV viewings and more technology this means that people tend to do a lot less physical activity in there day to day lives and this means that our country is becoming a lot more obese and therefore a lot more unhealthy. This is starting to be helped by the campaigns that are designed to raise awareness and GP referral schemes that have been set in place in local leisure centres.

These have been tested and have proved to be increasingly successful. Others schemes that have already been testes are "Shape your Life" and "Weight to Go". They have also proved successful. As long as the government has schemes like this put in place then there should be a difference made to the health of the nation. 'there are plans to link up with schools to educate children of the effects of exercise and regular activity is certainly the way forward for a more joined up approach towards healthier nation in the future.

' 25 this shows that people are beginning to understand the effects of what we are doing to our children and that we need to help them to become healthier. this is a good start to making the nation a healthier one as they are staring with the young people meaning that they will be able to pass this information onto there parents and there children. Lots of these new schemes are providing new jobs and creating more of an income for people already in the industry. This can only be good news of our economy.