Government Spending

Government spending on Computer Technology is on the conservative side and not so large that it needs to be cut any further. On the other hand, it is not so small that more funds need to be allocated to the development of computer infrastructure. Every government establishment is already computerized and has been for decades. The mainframe systems used by all the state and federal governments cannot be shut down or replaced overnight.

What it means is that most of the funds allocated to the IT department are spent on maintaining the existing systems rather than on buying newer equipments. Another use of the government’s IT budget could be to buy surveillance equipment, an increasing necessity in present times. However, this cost could also be borne by the Homeland Security Department. Hence the need for a huge IT budget is minimal. However, it does not mean that the various state and federal governments should cut their IT budget any further and allocate the funds to other departments.

Today, computer technology is vital for the smooth functioning of any department. Even a few minutes of failure to the computer system could create havoc. In order to ensure such smooth functioning, it is important that timely and proper maintenance is carried out of all systems. And this requires funds. Funds are also required for buying newer printer and other multifunction machines as the number of people employed by the governments are going down and hence more machines are needed.

Also, there are huge amounts of data available in today’s information age which needs to be stored safely and securely. This requires investment in data management equipment. In view of all these facts, there is no scope for further cutting down of government’s computer technology budget. The current government spending on computer technology is just right and cutting it any further could lead to serious problems due to failure of computer systems.