American Government, Regulations and Business Ethics

Research the following topics: 1. Americans with Disabilities Act 2. Bar Coding 3. Child Labor Laws 4. Child Support regulations 5. Confidentiality 6. Fair Labor Standards Act 7. Family Leave Act 8. Immigration 9. Insurance regulations 10. Licenses and Permits required by the State 11. Licenses, Permits, Regulations required by the Local area 12. Minimum wage 13. OSHA 14. Social Security Act 15. Unemployment Insurance 16. Workers Compensation Modification:The teams can be selected by the teacher, the students, or randomly. The research may also be conducted at the library or government office in addition to the Internet sites.

SCANS Proficiencies Resources:Allocate Time Complete research, presentation, and report in a timely manner Allocate Material and Facilities Acquire necessary paper, computer, and software Information:Acquire and Evaluate Information Select appropriate format to complete work Organize and Maintain Information Collect information for topics and organize in a presentation and report Interpret and Communicate Information Create presentation and report from collected information Interpersonal:Participate as a Member of a Team Work together to collect information and complete tasks Teach Others New Skills.

Teach classmates the information that your team discovered Use Computers to Process Information Collect information on assigned topics and create presentation and report Technology:Select Technology Apply correct technology to complete tasks Apply Technology to Task Use appropriate technology for research, presentation, and report Maintain and Troubleshoot Equipment Help determine and solve problems that arise while working Reading:Locate, understand, and interpret written information in prose and in documents such as manuals, graphs, and schedules.

Listening:Receive, attend to, interpret, and respond to verbal messages and other cues Speaking:Organize ideas and communicate orally Thinking Skills Decision Making:Specify goals and constraints, generate alternatives, consider risks, and evaluate and choose best alternative Problem Solving:Recognize problems and devise and implement plan of action Seeing Things in the Mind’s Eye:Organize and process symbols, pictures, graphs, objects, and other information Know How to Learn:Use efficient learning techniques to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills.

Reasoning:Discover a rule or principle underlying the relationship between two or more objects and apply it when solving a problem Personal Qualities Self-Esteem:Believe in own self-worth and maintain a positive view of self Self-Management:Assess self accurately, set personal goals, monitor progress, and exhibit self-control Integrity/Honesty:Choose ethical course of action NBEA Standard Entrepreneurship VIII: Legal Analyze how forms of business ownership, government regulations, and business ethics affect entrepreneurial ventures B. Government Regulations.

Level 2 • Give examples of licenses that a small business must obtain • Give examples of government regulations that affect a small business Level 4 • Acquire the information necessary to comply with governmental regulations affecting a planned business Management V: Ethics and Social Responsibility Examine the role of ethics and social responsibility in decision making A. Ethics Level 3 • Identify the relationship between ethics and governmental regulations Level 4 • Identify government regulations that have resulted from unethical behavior B.

Social Responsibility Level 1 • Identify ways in which a business organization demonstrates social responsibility (e. g. , providing jobs, paying taxes, and contributing to special community projects) Level 4 • Identify government regulations that have resulted from social irresponsibility Management VI: Human Resource Management Describe human resource functions and their importance to an organization’s successful operations A. Human Resource Planning Level 4 • Analyze how workplace legislation has changed the workplace B. Recruitment and Selection Level 3.

• Identify legislation affecting the recruitment and selection process (e. g. , affirmative action, right to privacy, and Americans With Disabilities Act) Level 4 • Evaluate recruitment sources based on existing legislation D. Evaluation Level 4 • Analyze the evaluation process based on existing legislation F. Separation, Termination, and Transition Level 4 • Discuss how internal and external factors affect rightsizing (e. g. , economy, competition, and government regulations) • Describe the legal implications relating to termination and transition decisions G.

Labor Relations Level 4 • Describe the common elements of a labor contract Management VII: Organized Labor Describe the role of organized labor and its influence on government and business Level 4 • Identify federal legislation affecting organized labor and management Government Regulations Businesses Must Know Evaluation Checklist Name_________________________________Date Started __ Date Completed ______ Point ValuePoints Earned |Performance Indicators |Yes |No |Comments | | |( |( | | |Teamwork | | | | |Stayed on task

| | | | |Demonstrated professional behavior | | | | |Participated as member of the team | | | | |Completed assigned duties | | | | |Oral Presentation and Written Report | | | | |Researched each topic | | | | |Included all necessary information in oral presentation and written report | | | | |Used at least two different sources for each topic | | | | |Oral Presentation | | | | |Used appropriate presentation techniques | | | | |Displayed knowledge of topics | | | | |Demonstrated confidence and maintained eye contact | | | | |

Developed creative, attractive, informative slides or other visual aids | | | | |Visual aids and/or speech free of all types of errors—grammar, spelling, etc. | | | | |Written Report | | | | |Demonstrated knowledge and use of proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, | | | | |capitalization, word usage, sentence structure, etc. | | | | |Documented sources of information in appropriate manner | | | | |Included all pertinent data and information as requested for each topic | | | | |Proofread document and corrected all typographical errors | | | | |Formatted document properly | | | | |Work Habits Observation | | | | |Completed project in acceptable amount of time | | | | |Remained on task | | | | |Worked independently | | | |.