Government Policy and Business

Government policy refers to any rule given by the government to act as guideline to any work, proceeding or business in a country or area. This also defines the stand of the government on such issues as if something occurs, the consequences and the repercussion of such occurrence. Business environment is anything that surrounds the business organizations. This affects the business decision making, strategies, performance and process of the business. This may also consist of economic environment such as competitors, demand and supply dynamics and the impact of profit.

Use of the court system to combat market failure Use of court system to combat market failure is the process of giving a court an authority to handle matters of business process in meeting specified goal. This can help in maintaining the standards and quality of goods and services in the market. By use of courts every business is subjected to comply with rules as per the government policy. Competitiveness in the market will rather be of quality than the quantity in the market. Different approaches that encouraging company of changing behavior

Organization behavior is the study and identification of management activities that provide employees effectiveness through an understanding of the complex nature of individual group and organization process. Organization behavior draws from variety of disciplines including psychology, sociology to explain the behaviors of people in the organization. Therefore influence is the force or the reason that makes an organization change its mode of operation, the conduct of the employee and the way of carrying out duties. It also affects the mode of leadership and other areas of operation in the organization.

There are difference influences that encourage behavior change in an organization. They all affect the relationship and activities in the organization. Behavior change in the company means taking a different procedure or method of undertaking a certain duty, this may be contributed by a number of factors. This may be caused by environment or the government. If the business is operating under competitive environment, it must come up with procedures that will help it achieve its targets easily without going at stressing situation may be working over time or may be lying off some employees.

The other thing is government policy, the rules set forth by the government must not affect the organization, so the business should work in bearing in mind that it won’t violate the rules and should also comply with other businesses set quality standards. (Dai, 2008) When the government creates incentive behavior toward the business, the organization should comply for it cannot challenge the government rulings. Sueing all businesses that do no comply will help in setting a smooth running of the organization.