Government Intervention Research Paper

The American government is practically in our everyday lives, including our private lives. The government is basically everything we do. It is the way we work, the reason why we look for a career, the way we eat or drink to conclude, the way we live. Sometimes it is a problem for most citizens but some other times, it is the real reason why they live better and maintain everything they have. The government is the people; it is education, entertainment, peace but can be completely different at certain periods of time.

As a prevention from too much government intervention, the people of America have a representative dating since 1773,called the Tea Party Movement. This movement wants the government to stick to the real meaning and intent of the United States Constitution, meaning that the government should not use such law as the Elastic clause. The Tea Party Movement would also like to see the government reducing its speding, lower taxes and reducing the national debt and federal budget deficit. This means in one phrase, relief to the people.

And yet, doing so would require more government intervention in our lives. The Tea Party is like the real representative of the people, because it would like to see the government accomplishing everything the people request, which is mostly impossible because to maintain the law, the government has to follow the Constitution. Yet again, some of the government’s interventions are necessary for us, like the famous healthcare and health insurances, the social securities, the military and even the food we eat.

The Party thinks we should be left alone to use, organize and regulate our businesses, schools and other utilities. Therefore taking care of our own taxes and national debt. The Party thinks that the government goes too far with the taxation, national spending, and maintenance of public facilities. But surprisingly, it doesn’t disagree with the government totally. It is against the Abortion law in most Sates along with the government. It believes that no fetus should be removed prior to labor term and even if there is a situation of rape-pregnancy, it still believes that the victim should carry the fetus until the end of the term.

But for mostly everything else, the Tea Party Movement and the government still disagree with each other. The Tea Party Movement members believe that the government intervenes too much in the people’s business but yet, not intervening would probably hurt them and they would get mad at the government. 1) “In reading your article about the Tea Party movement, it is difficult to determine where the party stands on issues.

Its members seem to want a strong military, but don’t want to finance it; they don’t like social programs like Medicare, but readily accept their Medicare benefits; they don’t like the federal bailout of our financial markets, but would be angry if the government did nothing and their investments and retirements went down the drain; they want strong border controls, but again don’t want to pay for it. Their thinking is chaotic and dangerous because if we do what they want they are going to be unhappy with the consequences. They are a mass of contradictions.

” Which explains in one simple sentence that, sometimes the Party exaggerates about what they want or not. The government’s intervention, seen from my point of view is highly necessary for us living under its control. And when I say “necessary”, I mean in some fields. Let’s state for example, sanitation. The citizens themselves can not really maintain a clean city, therefore we would need the government’s assistance but sometimes, the city governments probably think that they have bigger fish to fry instead of cleaning the streets.

Lately, we have been seeing the streets so covered with snow, that they become ice right there. Why? Just because our representative decided that there were too many jobs out there so he cut all of these jobs where people would have to clean the streets from the imprisoning snow. This is a fact of minor intervention in a field where it is necessary. The government should be more active in that field because when it does not give the citizens that kind of help which is necessary to them, it mostly turns against them.

As a result of the snow accumulation, you will have accidents, lateness, and people will get a bad perspective of the government. A quick and easy solution would only consist of creating fast and easy jobs where you would have people responsible of cleaning the streets from the snow and would also be very useful to their community and state. This field requires government’s intervention but sometimes, the citizens might pass of its need and you can always have the garbage

collectors to do that but it still is not their responsibility. The next field requires more government intervention than that last one except that it is mostly better taken care of. Nowadays, education is very important. And it has very expanded from how it was two decades ago. This is what Milton Friedman has to say about the government’s intervention in this field and its successful results. 2) “Education is today largely paid for and almost entirely administered by governmental bodies or non-profit institutions.

This situation has developed gradually and is now taken so much for granted that little explicit attention is any longer directed to the reasons for the special treatment of education even in countries that are predominantly free enterprise in organization and philosophy. The result has been an indiscriminate extension of governmental responsibility. ” These intelligent details about the new education system explains how education is getting easier to access and how the government plays a big role in its development. Education is so important and necessary that it is mostly paid for by the government itself.

Which explains that the government’s intervention in this field is both very necessary and satisfied. From kindergarten to senior year in high school, the government pays millions for one’s education and after that, depending on your parents’ financial status, they will help you pay for college or even pay it for you. This is an example of when the government’s intervention is necessary and satisfying. The government’s intervention is enough in this field because it helps people to get an education which is going to be useful to both the country and the individual.

By doing so, the American government gets a better perspective from foreigners and from its own citizens. This kind of resource will always be useful to the country. I believe the government should intervene more in the sanitation field, given the fact that the citizens can not accomplish some actions by themselves. I believe the government should have more workers in the sanitation field because it is necessary to have people cleaning the streets. By doing so, it would be a great advantage for both the state government and its citizens.

Reducing by doing so, the multiple incidents and disagreements that would have happen if there were nobody to clean the streets and make it easier for people to circulate in the city. That would give more people an opportunity to pay their bills, put bread on their table, and stay out of trouble also. I think that the government’s intervention in the education field is great, not too much not too less. I am grateful to the fact that the government has to pay for my education given the fact that I would not be capable to pay for it myself. The government pays for education, feed the students and even give them a warm place to be in all day.

I personally do not see what else the government could do for its students while giving them this great opportunity of learning something that can be useful for them later in life and giving them a way to put money in their pocket. The government intervention is great in this field and I think it should maintain the status quo until they find a better way to improve the way they educate and instruct the American population, which is by the way very weak compared to some poor countries. 1) John Georgiton, Columbus, Ohio, To the Editor of the New York Times newspaper’s article “What The Tea Party Want?

” Published on February 18th 2010 (online resource) http://www. nytimes. com/2010/02/18/opinion/l18tea. html? scp=1&sq=In%20reading%20your%20article%20about%20the%20Tea%20Party%20movement,%20it%20is%20difficult%20to%20&st=cse 2) “The Role of Government in Education,” by Milton Friedman. From Economics and the Public Interest, ed. Robert A. Solo, Copyright © 1955 by the Trustees of Rutgers College in New Jersey. Reprinted by permission of Rutgers University Press. http://www. schoolchoices. org/roo/fried1. American point to this enterprise system as a model for other nations.

The country’s economic success seems to validates the view that the economic operates best when government leaves business and individual to succeed JR fail on their own merits in open competitive markets. The government role are laissez-faire the U. S government policy to wared business was summed up by French term laissey-faire meaning leave it alone the concept come from the economic theories of adams smith the 18th-century scot whose writing greatly influenced the growth of America capitalism laissey-faire practices have not prevented private interest from turning to the government for help on numerous occassions ,however .

Railroad companies accepted grants of land ad public subsidies in the 19th century industries facing strong competition though from abroad have long appeal for protection though trade policy American agriculture almost fotally in private hards has benifited from government aqssistance . Many other industries also have sought and received aid ranging from tax breaks to outrights subsidies from the government. Government regulation of private industry can be divided into two categories economic regulation and social regulation .

economic regulation and social regulation . economic regulation seeks primarily to control prices . Designed into theory to protect consumers and certain companies usuall small business from more powerful companies it often is justified on the ground that fully competitive market conditions do not axist and therefore can not provided such protection themselves . In mas case however economic regulation from what they described as destructive competition with each other .

Social regulation on the other hand promotes objectives that are not economic such as workplaces are cleane environment . social regulation seek to diconrage or prohibit harmful coparate behavior or to encourage behavior element socials desirable the government controls smoke stock enssions from factories ,for instance and it provide tax breaks to companies that offer their employers health and entirement benefit that meet certain standards .

The largest changes in the government role occurred during the New Deal precident franklin D. Rousevelt response to the great depression . During this period in the 1930s ,theunited state endured the worst business crisis and the highest rate of unemployment in its history . Many Americans concluded that infetlered capitalism had failed . so they looked a host new laws that gave government the power to intervene in the economy.