Government authorities with those of the community

Youths who are involved in loitering, cruising, and inappropriate public behaviors such as alcohol consumption in public, playing loud music, discharging weapons in public places, among others, will be arrested and detained. To add to that youths that carry and display their firearms will be arrested. Sustaining the strategies To ensure that the programs run smoothly, the roles of the community and government authorities should be balanced. Decisions regarding the programs should be done after consultations from both sides.

For instance, before the city mayor or the chief of police makes a decision, the community must be involved or consulted. Furthermore, the leaders in the different organizations involved in the programs will be elected to ensure they are accountable and perform their duties effectively and efficiently. This will ensure that the objectives of the program are met. Collaboration and cooperation between different agencies and organizations All members involved in the programs should be cooperative and respectful of the other members.

For instance, there may be rehabilitated gang members who understand the structures of the gangs and therefore useful in tracking the gangs. They should be given much respect similar to the police officers who are involved in the program. This is because each group has different talents which are useful in combating gang violence. Defining the roles of the staff and advisory personnel Policy personnel This team will be composed of the leaders from different organizations and agencies which may include the police force, church community, probation centers, gang intervention experts, and government offices.

The members will be having meetings twice in a month to check on the reports regarding the gang violence and the measures being taken for prevention, intervention and enforcement. Before the team makes any decision regarding adjustments in the strategies, members of the public are given an opportunity to give their views and opinions. Technical personnel This team will be composed of members from the police force, school officials, community organization, and other organizations.

The team members will be meeting monthly and will be responsible for reviewing and giving updates to the policy personnel members on matters regarding the climate and dynamics of the gangs in the streets. To add to that, this team will be responsible for ensuring that the prevention, intervention and suppression programs developed, work efficiently and effectively in curbing gang violence. Public This team will be composed of all other members who are not in the technical team and policy team.

The roles of this team include giving advice and opinions regarding the strategies and proposing new strategies that they think will be helpful. Developing and renewing the strategic plans The strategic plans will be renewed annually through general meetings involving all the teams. The results obtained by using the strategies will be analyzed and the loopholes corrected. Funding and accountability To sustain the strategies enough funding is essential. A non profit foundation will be created to raise the funds from public and private sources.

This foundation will be run by people from the community who are elected by the community. Their performance will be monitored annually to ensure that the objectives of the strategies are met in time. Conclusion To reduce gang violence a combined efforts from different organizations, agencies and the entire community is essential. The effects of gang violence affect everyone and therefore this makes it very important to work together regardless of the difference in job status to tackle gang violence.

The police force cannot deal with gang activities adequately without the assistance from other organizations and the community. Since the gang members are part of the community, community effort is very essential, without cooperation and involvement of the community, gang violence will continue. These strategies will be helpful in reducing gang violence since they involve all the affected entities in tackling the problem. The police force will be helpful in suppressing the gang violence using their skills and intervention mechanisms while the community and other organizations will provide assistance in prevention.

With the strategies above, the number of students graduating from colleges will be increased, the streets will become safer and the economy will improve. Funding is very important for the strategies to be effective, without funding the strategies may not meet their objectives. It is therefore important to ensure that the nonprofit foundation is run by responsible people who care about the needs of the community and are accountable for their actions. Word count: 2282.

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