Government and the society

Given the factor above, there are a lot of prevention measures the government and the society can do to decrease gang membership and formation and the violence caused by these groups. First and foremost, the society should ensure that each young people are cared for by their family. Since family is the basic unit of the society, the government should intensify programs directed to family and responsible parenthood that are geared toward allowing the children to express themselves responsibly and guide them in the stage of self-becoming.

Secondly, the society should not discriminate young people who are members of gangs rather extend understanding in a way of acceptance to the greater community. What the community needs to do is to create space for these young people to integrate themselves with other people. On the other hand, even before these youth are recruited to gangs, they can be prevented through allowing them to participate in community building. Many young people crave for attention from their parents and from the community. The older people just need to listen to the concerns and needs of young people.

They should not act as if they know everything what the young people should do rather meet half-way because young people may be vulnerable but they have something to offer in the community. Thus, community involvement should be increased. Thirdly, give focus on education. The East Coast Gang Investigators Association, Inc. , mission is to shut down the gangs recruitment base which is children. They achieve this through educating and training the youth, community worker, teachers and parents who come in contact with young people.

If the young people and the community are informed and educated about the results and consequences of gang membership, they should be prevented in joining such. Moreover, the group also provides law enforcement community with the best instructors in gang discipline to prevent the first signs of gang involvement. Decreasing gang violence can not be shut down at once and with efforts nationally. The initiative should come in small base community and focused on the family. The closer and the smaller the community is, the greater the possibility that gang membership of children can be avoided.

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