Goverment Shutdown

The news article, “Government Shutdown: round up of Michigan editorials” talked about the recent government shut down. The article describes that as we enter the second week of the government shutdown it’s “inflicting a punishment on the people who elected the representatives into office. ” The Grand Rapids Press stated that “if the GOP has a problem with the Affordable Care Act they should take care of it while the government is open. ” The article continued to talk about how governing is about finding solutions to difficult problems and how it can’t happen without a compromise.

The Affordable Care Act could have benefited many individuals around the country, including right here in Michigan. The Petoskey News-Review claimed they were disappointed in Michigan’s elected representative because he conformed to his party instead of taking a stand. The Kalamazoo Gazette made a bold statement saying “If you must obsess over Obamacare, at least do it with the doors open. ” Analysis: Group size has an unprecedented impact on the nature of social interaction. Studies have shown that as group size increase individuals typically reduce their efforts.

Imagine something as gigantic as our government, between the House and the Senate there are five hundred and thirty five members in the United States Congress. Groups of that magnitude fall victim to groupthink, or decision making that ignores alternate solutions in order to keep group harmony. Although after reading this article I highly doubt there will be any harmony between the two political parties anytime soon. The article describes how members of Congress followed the example of their party instead of looking for alternative solutions.

The functionalist perspective tends to better explain this article because it relates to society working as a whole. This perspective helps describe the consequences the shut down has on federal workers along with the rest of the country. The article talks about how the National Parks around the country are currently closed. Not only does closing these parks put park rangers out of work but it also drastically damages the tourism industry. Shutting down the government is a just of way of showing who is in charge according to the conflict perspective.

The conflict perspective views society as groups with conflicting interests, essentially the United States government. An example would be that members of Congress are still being paid while essentially all federal workers are furloughed. From an interactionist perspective it can be explained that the government is created through social interactions, primarily focusing on the relationships between political parties. Republicans and Democrats are both created through two different types of social interaction.

Each group has its own way of defining and interpreting reality. The article provides evidence of this by showing how the different reporters interacted and responded to the shut down in their own unique way. This article showed many different views and opinions involving the recent government shutdown. The government shutdown is evidence that even groups such as Congress are vulnerable to groupthink by ignoring alternate solutions. This article involved many sociological ideas and concepts.