Goverment Review

1. A constitution is a document that creates the legal Framework for a government. 2. After the independence of Mexico Texas was politically a part of Mexico 3. Although many delegates to the 1875 convention were business professionals, farmers interest had an overwhelming influence. 4. Name the Texas constitution that allowed Blacks in Texas the right to vote – Radical Reconstruction 5. The constitution of the Republic of Texas was influenced by The U. S. Constitution 6. African Americans earned the right to vote in Texas with ratification of the 1869 constitution 7.

Texas joined the Confederacy in 1861 8. The Republic of Texas was created in 1836 9. Under the Republic of Texas, slavery was legalized 10. The Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas was written under rule by the Mexican constitution of 1824 11. In order to legally secede from the United States, Texas would need??? 12. The Texas constitution differs from the U. S. Constitution in length and process in choosing judges 13. In Texas, schools are governed at the municipal level. 14. Voting rights in Texas were originally limited by the use of Poll taxes 15.

The Texas constitution has been amended 400 times, compared to 27 times for the U. S. Constitution. 16. Poll taxes, used in Texas until 1966, limited the voting rights of minorities 17. Elections of Texas governors and of board and commission members are staggered, leading to the ??? 18. The Texas constitution can be described as being very detailed 19. Amendments to the Texas constitution with only a limited, local impact are voted on by all Texas citizens 20. The 1974 attempt to reform the Texas constitution was largely impeded by those wishing to gain independence 21.

The traditionalistic and individualistic political subculture supported Conservative establishment. 22. The main lobbying opponent of the trial lawyers lobby has been the Texas Medical Association 23. Public interest groups are most likely to use funding pathway. 24. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has tended to use the courts pathway. 25. The Religious Right has come to direct the Republican Party and its political agenda in Texas in the last two decades. 26. Texas elected no governor to statewide office between 1874 and 1961.

27. According to one scholar, bifactionalism in Texas resulted in increased influence for interest groups 28. Define realignment. A major shift in political party support or identification that usually occurs around a critical election. 29. In 2002, the districts drawn by the Legislative Redistricting Board helped draw new districts that favored republicans 30. 45th governor of State of Texas Ann Richards 31. Methods that were used to limit voting rights for minorities in Texas Poll Taxes 32. The function of political action committees is to raise money 33.

A campaign finance disclosure law passed in Texas in 1973 mandates limits on campaign 34. General Law Cities in Texas have fewer than Residents 35. The type of city government most based on the separation-of-powers principle is the mayor- council government 36. The operation of local governments in Texas is dictated by the legislature and the state constitution 37. General-law cities have fewer than 5,000 citizens and lack the power of legislation 38. The strong mayor form of municipal government in Texas more closely resembles Houston than city government.

39. The strong mayor form of government, though common elsewhere in the U. S. , is only found in what major city in Texas? Houston 40. The city commission form of municipal government reflects its origins in its Fragmented executive 41. Municipal elections in Texas are overwhelmingly nonpartisan 42. City governments rely on regressive taxes for funding. 43. Cities often finance projects through the use of voter-approved sales tax increase 44. What are General Obligation bonds? Government bonds used to finance construction projects.

The bonds, which required voter approval, are repaid with taxes revenues. 45. Judicial activities in counties are carried out primarily by the county courts- at- law 46. In smaller counties, the primary law enforcement duties are carried out by the sheriff 47. The county official responsible for receiving and disbursing county funds is the county treasurer 48. The primary source of funding for councils of government in Texas is Regressive taxes 49. Define Spoke Annexation- the ability cities to expand their boundaries 50. Texas cities can annex an area up to 10% of their territory in a given year.