Goverment Controls on Gun in Malaysia

A mixed economy is when there is some level of central planning and government policies. It also allows the market to provide for the needs of the consumer. In Malaysia, we have a mixed economy- where there is central planning and extensive privatization. The government allows the market to “do their own thing”, but has a few policies in place as well as some control over certain items. The big question; should there be a government intervention in the economy?

There should be boundaries when in comes to government control, not every single industry and product needs government control but certain products should be under government control. One example of a product under Malaysian government control is guns- to get the license and to buy a gun. There are many reasons why the government has strong laws against it; for national security, to prevent gun violence, shootings and armed robbery as well as to minimize fear in the country. Malaysia has a tight control over guns and very harsh penalties for being caught carrying a gun.

If the government did not strict laws against purchasing a gun here in Malaysia, national security may be at risk. Example, when a rebellion happens or a riot; these people would have guns giving them more power. Imagine people running around with guns threatening people to have their way. Even when a small tension builds up, with possession of a gun, it is likely the situation will turn out to be a shoot-out. A shoot-out will harm innocent citizen who just so happened to be there.

A gun makes it easier for one to take a life, therefore with strict laws gun laws it makes it harder for the criminals and citizens to own a gun. Statistic shows that Malaysia has a near zero or none at all rate, relating to gun violence or murder with firearms because of its strict laws. Many think that by having a gun with them would be safer, but what about those who wish to hurt? If Malaysia made it easier for people to get a gun; it is safe to say many will go out and get one, but many would misuse them.

Take America for example, it is easy to get a gun license and it is even easier to own a gun- as it is sold openly. Hence, they also have the most number of shootings, armed robbery and killings. There was the Columbine High School Shooting- where two students got hold of guns and shot their schoolmates. Like mention above, if laws on guns or firearms were not implemented here in Malaysia; many people would own one. Imagine everyone around you carries a gun- in the mall, the supermarket, at the playground.

People would be living in fear to know that people around them can just whip out a gun at anytime and start shooting. Parents would not let their children go out; many would even leave the country for fear or their safety. With strict gun control laws the citizen will feel safer knowing that not everyone can own a gun. There should be a strict gun control law in Malaysia; for the safety, the welfare and also the happiness of the people. Government control over this product is not to make profit for neither the supplier nor the government, but mainly for the safety of the country.

Simple restriction like this creates happiness and safety in the country, supporting that there should be a strict gun control law in Malaysia. Bibliography: Internet 1. http://www. nationmaster. com/graph/cri_mur_wit_fir-crime-murders-with-firearms Statistics of crime with firearms of countries 2. http://scottthong. wordpress. com/2007/04/19/on-gun-controls-five-scenarios/ Views on gun control 3. http://www. iht. com/articles/ap/2006/10/02/america/NA_GEN_US_School_Shootings. php List of some fatal shootings in U. S.