Should the goverment have control over what people should eat

Most people statements in this discussion disagree to this question. Either it was between the fact of “people should be allowed to do and eat what they want to” stated by Haley E. then another student who also disagree to this question said this, “the government is just trying to find ways to control the people in this nation” stated another student in the class. 1101 Iroquois Naperville IL, 60563 October 15, 2013 Ms. Underwood 6835 South Normal Boulevard Chicago, IL 60621 Dear Mrs. Underwood Hey!!! Mrs. Underwood I miss so much.

I’m in class and staying there too. You are the one who taught me everything I know today, and I thank you for that because if you, was my family, you were ever thing I had. You took me in during hard time you took care of me. And I miss you so much!!! Everything you taught me about life and how to carry myself. Even when my family was not there you were there to hold me close and tell me that I didn’t need the world’s material all I need was god to protect me and love me. And still to this day I remember all the morals you have given me as a child.

From 5 years of age on until my early teens you have given me hope, love, care and a mother. And for everything you have given me and shown I thank you so very much. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Mrs. Underwood you are the hope that the children need for today and how you helped me and prayed for me. I mean I don’t know where I would be today cause I could be six feet under, and if it wasn’t for you I have no clue where I would be. So today I just thank you and I love you. Sincerely Sierra Wilson.