Goverment Bill

This bill will require voters to possess a high school diploma in order to vote. Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, SECTION 1. OBJECTIVE Citizens need to have a high school diploma before they are allowed to vote. This would eliminate many ignorant and incompetent votes, from people who quite simply do not understand politics. SECTION 2. DATA Nearly 24 million people in the United States do not have a high school diploma. That’s 24 million people who didn’t care enough about themselves to finish high school; why would they care about their nation?

For those that simply did not have the intelligence to graduate, there is no way they are smart enough to understand politics. This is why it is necessary for the United States to require voters to have completed high school. By requiring a high school diploma to vote you would get much more educated voters that actually care about their country. This change may provide some additional incentive for those who plan to drop out to actually finish school, resulting in an increase in graduation rates. For the reasons stated above, in order to vote you need to have a high school diploma.

SECTION 3. HISTORY AND BACKGROUND ?I support this bill because I refuse to hear anyone tell me they are voting for a president simply because of his race, weather I would vote for him or not. Uneducated votes backed by little to next to no education of politics or research is what brings our country down, instead of lifting it as voters are supposed to be doing. There has not been any previous legislation on this subject, primarily I believe due to the fact that some believe that passing such a bill would violate peoples rights, especially those with disabilities.

No disrespect to those with physical or mental impairments, but do you, a citizen of the US really want someone who cannot function properly in society to be deciding who runs our country and ultimately your future? ?There are a few ways that this bill will be able to go into effect. The first and easiest way is to require driver’s licenses to print whether the person has earned their high school diploma or not. Then when you went to vote, you would simply need to provide your drivers license to prove you have graduated high school.

Another way would be to attach the information to people social security numbers, so when they tried to vote, it would throw up a red flag in the computer system. The costs for this would be relatively small, and could be covered by either a minute fee when getting your license for the first time/renewed, or a fee when registering to vote to cover the labor costs to put your information into the computer. Overall, there would be a very small change in the procedure for voting, and the results of that election would be much more educated than before.