Goverment Bailout of Private Business/ Industry

There are many reason why the government bailout industry and Wall Street. I will show why they didn’t bailout every one. There are many reasons for that because we would have gone bankruptcy the United States. Reason one is the government bailout Wall Street are the economic would have fall out and would be for American. The depression of 1929 was bad but the depression 2008 would have been worst. The unemployed was high in 2008 but it was high in 1929 there were 25 percent unemployed then.

Wall Street was bad but in 1929 the market fell 75 percent. We would still be in the depression if the government did not help them. In 2008 the unemployed rate was at 6 percent and then it when up to 10. 10 percent in May of 2009. The people that were unemployed were 605,000 to 84,000 out of work. Wall Street needs 3. 3 trillion dollars to be bailout. Many people lost their job now because the company does not trust the United State economic is so bad by then.

We should try and bring all the jobs back to the United State by try giving them taxes credit so that they stay in the United State and not go over sea were all the job are going. They should give them loans that they can employee more people and put American back to work. This bailout would not hurt the state or the banks if the invest in the United States people. It is winning for all side of this bailout. The private sector had to try and make it on their own. If the company was not important to strengthen of the economy they did not get bailout.

The state the company is in they should try hard to make sure that company start an make a profit so they can stay in that state. The company that when under need to get a loan and no one would give them one, the bank was afraid because of all the bad money out there because of the failed of Wall Street and the banking problem, they should try and keep them in the state they are in. The more jobs safe the more the people would spend the money they are making one the economy.

There are many people who thing that the President should have focus more on the private industry then just wall street , banks, and car industry. He should have seen the big picture by putting more people to work first then bailout all the other things after. The unemployed in my state is high and still is high. There are so many empty building where company were and now over sea because no one over to give them a taxes break. They should see if people are not working they cannot buy cars, food , or have shelter for there self.