Good News Jail and Prison Ministry

There are so many objectives that can be incorporated to any ministries and business as far as sales leads are concern. Success is one of the important factors that are needed to be considered in the determination of the marketing objectives that are to be followed and pushed through by any companies. As far as the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry, its main and direct marketing objectives do not include sales leads.

It can be seen that there are many marketing strategies that are being utilized by the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry but it cannot be denied that such marketing strategies are not geared towards attaining good sales but rather support from various people and churches from all over the world. The existence of the company is not triggered by selling and sales quota but rather to help those who are in prison in changing their lives and become better people and citizen that the Almighty wants them to become.

Although the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry are using different strategies such as emails and letters that are being sent to many people, the fact remains that they are not for profit. They do not exist to ask money from people but to help the needy in prison (Porter, 1998). But then again, it cannot be denied that the company is successful in getting visitors in their websites through emails and word of mouth. Hence, the ministry is getting stronger with each passing day and is being established accordingly.

The message of the ministry is clear. They will do their best to aid and be part in the process of transforming the lives of the prisoners and make them realize that they should not be wasting their lives by doing crimes and wrong decisions in their lifetime. The ministry is for the purpose of reconciling the prisoners into the society, their family and with God. Good News Jail and Prison Ministry clearly stated that they are non-profit and volunteers only.