Salvation Army Goals

The Salvation Army is a Christian church whose development has been international wide. It follows the teachings of the Bible motivating man’s love for God and ensuring that the needs of the people are fulfilled. The goals and objectives of the salvation Army runs from social, spiritual and financial motives. Basically, the spiritual goal of the Salvation Army is to faster a continued realization of teaching of the Bible through the love of God and man. It seeks to ensure integration in its ministry with other Salvation Army services.

It also aims at ensuring links between existing corps and other ministries which offer spiritual services The Salvation Army has developed programs and other facilities that seek to cater for some needs of the people and provide any possible assistant to them. It has the mission of addressing some of the social needs that affects the society like the needs of orphans, the poor, the sick and the disabled. The Salvation Army aims at providing shelter, food, clothing, security, education, medical attention, upon other needs to the needy people of the society.

Provision of housing is one of the goals of the Salvation Army, where they aim at providing housing requirements to the community depending on their incomes, size of families and specifications in regard to special needs. They also ensure that there is an available land for developing housing facilities. It also has the goal of creating a source of employment to the people. In which it seeks to encourage investment that attract many opportunities of employment for the people. It also has the goal of expanding the current state of the economy through initiating new businesses and developing new industries.

This is to safeguard the increasing needs of the people that ensure a continued supply of goods and services in their developing economies. It has the goal of participating in volunteer work, in which it calls for professionals and non-professional people to volunteer in performing different tasks towards attaining the needs of the society. However, there is a disharmony and conflict between some members of the Salvation Army who view that these goals and objectives would be realistic if they are measurable. Hereby, they are calling for enactment of measurable goals and objectives by the church.

The goals and objectives run from been both short term and long run. Members of the Salvation Army perceive that, these goals and objectives should be achieved in the current period because of the current existence of the society which is vulnerable to social, financial and spiritual needs. The same goals and objectives should be extended to the future time, whereby it is argued that the future society will be still in need of social, financial and spiritual requirement at various depths. Basically, the goals of the Salvation Army vary at different points in been a manifest or latent.

Manifestation of these goals varies differently in different parts of the world, where difference in abilities to provide for their provision vary differently. For example, in Africa and Asia, the social and financial goals and objectives are more latent, due to instances of inabilities for the Salvation Army corps in these regions to fulfill these goals. However, in areas like Europe and United States of America these goals are more of manifest than latent. Majority of Salvation Army corps from these regions have higher financial abilities to provide for the social and financials needs of their people.

It has however, been noted as a problem to differentiate closely the goals and the objectives of the Salvation Army. Intense and close study shows that, the goal of this church form the basis of its objectives. This implies that, meeting their goals means achievement of their objectives. For example, if its objective is to ensure a society where people live in peace and harmony with their needs provided for, this is a close realization of its goal to provide for social needs. Therefore, the goal of the Salvation Army drives it towards its objectives.

The Salvation Army aims at providing housing facilities for the people. This goal is aimed at ensuring proper shelter between different classes of people in relation to their income, family sizes, different ages of its people and social status. This stems from the goal of providing social needs to the people. It believes that, adequate shelter is an important tool towards realizing its mission. They argue that with good shelter, the people can easily conform to the other goals of spiritual and financial requirements.

Its objectives here are to ensure, a humanistic status of living where individuals are made to enjoy both their social and physical needs, and foster a comfortable way of living.


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