Globalization and politics

Globalization is becoming one of the most important terminologies for the political leaders all over the world. Many economists say that majority of the changes brought by globalization have been in the last two decades. These economists also believe that these changes brought by globalization were positive . Today, if one thing happens in one part of the world, it affects many other nations. For example; after the September 11 attacks in the United States, many policies including the immigration policies have changed.

Muslims all over the world are being scrutinized more, before they are given a green card, passport or even a visa . Hence, it can be noticed, that due to globalization, no change can only be a national or a country wide change; all the changes are international and global. Formerly the politics of any country was usually based on the national political system. It was the national government which was responsible for the economic well being of the country.

Moreover, the government was also responsible for maintaining security and protecting the citizens of the country. However, with today’s changing and globalized political system, everything takes place at a global level. What policies have been implemented in Iraq and what is the Afghani President doing about terrorist activities in his country, all are discussed globally. The government of any nation has to first keep in mind the international laws, rules and regulations before implementing any policy or law.

The economies and the political system all over the world are now integrated in to one. Globalization has increased the integration of politics at a global level. For example schemes such as the European Union, International Monetary Fund, World Bank and World Trade Organization, all reflect the extent to which the world has started to practice globalized politics. An organization in one country now has liaisons in other countries also. NGO’s and other civil society organizers now keep a watch on the political activity in the country.

Government of any country now does not work through a national government, but has influence and lobbies outside the country also. All of this has now made politics an international affair . The phenomenon of globalization has multiple effects like the economy, environment, and politics etc. Everything has its negative and its positive so does globalization. The brighter side of the picture is that all the nations of the world co-operate and in a coordinated fashion try and find out solutions to their problems.

The other negative perspective of this process is the dominance of the developed nations of the western hemisphere of the world. History is full of examples of exploitation of the industrialized nations of world of the poorer nations of the world. The recent supposedly wars on terrorism by the superpower of the world on the countries like Iraq and Afghanistan can be seen as one nation trying to destroy the political, social and the cultural fabric of the other nation in order to serve its economic interest.