Global Societies

My understanding of a Global Society is that it brings people of all nations closer together, through a common ground. It’s like a growth towards countries coming together economically and not only seeing themselves through their national individuality, but as well as a part of the world as a whole; whether it is through ethnicity and culture, politics, education. Ethnicity and culture factors into global societies in many various ways, it is a world with numerous groups of people with loads of different beliefs.

Global society is nothing more than a big world with many different ethnicities and cultures incorporated differently across the world. In many ways globalization has advanced our understandings about different cultures and beliefs, because we were blinded. We as a world integrated one another’s cultures and beliefs as the centuries go by through globalization, learning and understanding cultures and beliefs, one’s that we probably had idea they exist. Politics is also a key factor when it comes to a global society. Many countries have different views when it comes to the way they run their government.

This some times raises issues between countries because every form of government believes they are the right government, which is impossible for all of them to be correct, but without a global society we would not have known that other governments yet were to exist. Now education is the ultimate factor to me when it comes to a global society. It allows developed countries to educate the underdeveloped countries in various ways, whether it is through the education in schools, education of diseases, or even the education of medicine, and so much more.

Education in a global society benefits pretty much everybody, even in the littlest ways. It makes it possible for the underdeveloped counties to come up and possibly become a developed country in due time, which in turn will improved the world altogether. According to Kofi Annan’s chapter “The Politics in Globalization,” he identified several keys points that bettered my understanding of a global society.

First, Annan had stated, “Globalization is commonly understood to describe those advances in technology and communications that have made possible and unprecedented degree of financial and economic interdependence and growth,” meaning globalization has encouraged nations to advance as times advanced, by incorporating markets. By them doing so, this had allowed investments to flow more smoothly, enhanced the struggle, lesser prices throughout the nation, and improved the living conditions universally. Next, he stated, “What was lost in the exuberance of material wealth was the value of politics.

And not just any politic: the politics of good governance, liberty, equity and social justice. ” What I took in from this was that the government was becoming corrupt because it seemed to only be concern about the wealth of the country instead of the people you were living in it. They had ignored the key things within a society: the establishment of genuine, reactive, and honest government and once the wealth of the nation started to fall that is when the government want to step in a start to work on the things that once was missing.

Then, he stated, “Globalization is presented as a foreign invasion that will destroy local cultures, regional tastes and national traditions. ” When he wrote that, I interpret that he meant countries that based their government off their culture or beliefs would soon have to adjust to new cultures or new ways of things that might in a sense be more reliable, which would cause them to lose some or even most of their traditions. Particularly, if another country was to invade or revolutionize this country with their beliefs and traditions that country would be forced to lose theirs and conform to this invasive country.

After that, he stated, “The call for the white man on the white horse, the strong leader who in a time of crisis can act resolutely in the nation’s interests,” basically stating that some of these recently liberalized nations with weak political systems need to step up and form a strong political systems, one that will be effective in this society. When there is a crisis within in the nation the leader and/or government needs to stride for a more conventional government, particularly a democracy, but some nations tend to believe that democracy is just a condition for advancement, while other believe it is a luxury to have, but not a priority.

So those countries without democracy would make this global society more of use if they fought for this right. To conclude, Annan states, “Globalization is made the scapegoat of ills which more often have domestic roots of a political nature. ” After taking in what was being said, he explains how some countries would turn away from a global society and only tend to the needs within their country rather than addressing the nation as a whole, but as soon a crisis happens with the country they are quick to rejoin the global community and ask for a lending hand.

So, in order to have a successful global society I suppose we as a nation should sway all other nations to comply with the same standards and leave out all the confusion in between. Globalization plays a key role in today’s society. I believe without globalization this world would be one complete mess, it would probably be endless amounts of world wars! Globalization allows this world to have some type of order, it might not be to all standards, but it’s a start and a continuous progress.

Because of globalization there are less wars and tension between countries because they are now able to talk one’s differences out and work together to resolve global issues. We are free to buy and sell, free flow of ideas, global media, and communication between nations are easily done due to globalization. There are many levels of preparation needed by a student to become fully engaged when it comes to globalization. One should become a useful citizen to his/her country.

One could do so by staying in school and furthering their education to their best abilities, this civilization is always going to be in need of more doctors, engineers, farmers, and teachers. Knowing your countries history because history tends to repeat itself and it will be up to future generations to lead the country. Learn survival tactics because you could never be too prepared in a state of emergency. Finally, know your government and be aware of other forms of governments and their cultures, you don’t want to enter a different country and not know their conformities and ways of living.