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As the internet use is increasing and people are entering the global culture, similarly ethnic groups who differ from the optimist’s point of view and take this global culture as a negative thing are also increasing their activities. It is definitely possible that the World will become one someday and the global cultural differences will diminish. Even though today, the human rights are protected more than they were ever protected in the history of the World. However, with the integration of markets and the global culture being brought in, human rights are most vulnerable too.

New technologies in communications etc have made it easier for people to get their message across and sometimes even show evidences . Globalization has definitely had a very huge impact on the cultures of the World. For example; in many remote areas of Africa, where a drink is hard to get, the loud advertisement of Coca Cola can be heard in the streets. In Hyderabad, a small city of Pakistan, women were not seen around, and even if one was seen she would not be without any overall (Burqa). However, today females can be seen clad in jeans and t-shirt, and this has become a norm in the society.

People have changes their ways of lives in order to adapt the more globalized way of living. As globalization is opening new opportunities and technological advancements ahs made information available at the fingertips, therefore, people are now aware of what is going on in the World. People are now aware of their rights. This means globalization has increased the awareness amongst people. Now they know their rights as compared to previously when African people were taken as slaves and they thought it was what they had to do.

With increased awareness, today no white person can take a black person and make him work against his wish. Language is an important element of any culture. Due to globalization, people are accepting more of English which has become a global language and are forgetting their own. The graph and table below shows the number of World languages, which are in danger of extinction. The numbers of languages which are in danger of extinction vary from study to study. However the average remains the same.

According to Wade , almost half of the total world languages are in the danger of extinction and this is due to globalization. Many researchers believe that the language of a place should be preserved because it s the identity of the people of that place. The language of a nation shows that these people have a right to choose their own fate. Many people can speak different languages, but they can express the best in their own language. There are many things which are the gift of one language and cannot be changed in to any other language, and even if the particular terminology etc is translated it looses its touch.

Therefore, according to wade, the language of any place should be preserved. English is considered to be a killer language as it has taken the place of many native languages all over the world. It is considered to be the language spoken in movies and is no doubt used by teenagers as a hip hop language. A person who does not know English is not considered to be cool or educated. Parents are struggling to get their children in to English medium schools so that they learn the English language.