Ggays in military

Gay people in the military volunteer to fight for their country, but they also have to fight to keep their sexual orientation a secret. The government has been contemplating on whether to allow gay people to join the military or ban them from signing up because of their sexual orientation. Gay people should be able to join the military because someone’s sexual orientation does not effect how well they perform and to be a soldier, the soldiers have to have trust with other fellow soldiers.

First of all, a soldier who joins the army is ready to fulfill their duty, and their sexual orientation does not change the quality in what they are set out to do. According to the Huffpost World website, there has been many gay heroes throughout history. For instance, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, was the best known general of World War II. There was also a man named, Thomas Edward Lawrence. He was a British liason officer during the Arab Revolt, and earned him the title of “Lawrence of Arabia.

” (Huffpost) If these men have been recognized for being such great leaders, people should remember them for their accomplishments and not because they are homosexual. To be a soldier, soldiers need to trust people they work with. A soldier should be able to trust another soldier, to create the bond needed to help eachother through different tasks. So even if one soldier is homosexual, it should not effect the trust during a mission for example because, they just need the communication to get the job done. So a soldier should have trust that, another soldier’s sexual orientation will not effect what they need to do.

Although many have accepted the idea of some people being gay, others still think that it would be a burden to the military. A reason for people finding gay people in the army a problem is because some say, “homosexual soldiers in the military effects bonds of trust between other soldiers, and can reduce the overall effectiveness of military. ” (ProQuest Staff) However people who join the army, gay or not, volunteer because they want to serve their country, not because they want to change the effectiveness of the military because of their homosexuality.

Also they join the army because, they want to fulfill their duty, like everyone else. Furthermore, people try to preach about how God made men and women for a reason, and that it is a sin to be homosexual. Well, all people believe in different things so why does a “higher power” or religion speak for all humanity? People are the way that they are, and sometimes there does not need to be a reason for why people like or do what they do. So why should people be looked at differently or as sinners because of their sexual orientation. Love is love, there is not a rule that it has to be a male and a female for love to be right or accepted.

So the gender that people are interested in, have nothing to do with being in the military. Therfore, gay people should be able to join the military openly, and not have to hide their true selves. Someone’s sexual orientation does not effect how they perform in the military, and a soldier should have a lot of trust that another soldier’s sexual orientation will not get in the way. People are made differently, or everything would be black and white and obviously the same. So people should be accepted for who they are, and what they have to offer instead of who they have an interest in.