General Motors Analysis Paper Example

1 IntroductionIn recent decades, modern industry has been rapidly developed, especially the car manufacturing industry. At the same time, this also causes some problems.

1.1 BackgroundThe development of automobile manufacturing in production and living has brought a positive promotion. Today, some negative influences are coming out which should be solved.

1.2 PurposeThis report will look at two websites from the internet to evaluate the car industry’s impacts on the environment. 1.3 CriteriaThe criteria used in this report compared are:Reducing of CO2 emissionsEnergy renewabilityEnergy consumptionGreener design

2 Description of the two car manufacturing company websites2.1 VolkswagenThe first website is ‘Clean credential’.This is the website of a car manufacturer, Volkswagen. The company provides a range of links to environmental issues on the site; for example, Energy consumption, Lightweight design, Renewable energy, CO2 emissions.

The website also includes a link to the company’s environment report, though the report is dated 2012. They have ability to become the most sustainable automaker in the world. During the past several years, Volkswagen has spared no effort to reducing CO2 emission which was seen as a milestone. And with that, they have more ambition to set its sights goals in the future. 2.2 General Motors

The second website is ‘Innovation: Environment’ on the website . According to General Motors, car manufacture, they are going to keep improving and innovating in order to reducing the impacts of cars and equipments on the environment. They are also committed to protect the environment, reduce pollution, as well as to conserve resources and recycle materials in each stage of the product lifecycle.

Based on these principles, they will produce more environmental-friendly productions. Additionally, the company provides a range of links to environmental issues on the site; for example, Greener Vehicles, Resource Preservation, Waste Reduction and Energy Efficiency. The website also includes a link to the company’s environment commitment.

3 Evaluation3.1 Reducing CO2 emissionsAlthough both texts have some designs of reducing CO2 emission, the idea from Volkswagen will be fulfilled in the future, as compared to General Motors, which has already achieved this goal in past several years. From 2010 to 2012, General Motors reduced total waste generated per vehicle by another 8% at their global manufacturing facilities. And they are closer to achieving their 10% commitment by 2020. Based on these evidence, General Motors dose give more contribution to reducing CO2 emission than Volkswagen. 3.2 Energy renew ability

Volkswagen will expand about €600 million more investments to develop renewable energy by 2016. However, according to General Motors, 125 megawatts renewable energy will be used by 2020 and they are already halfway there. Also they own two of the five largest rooftop solar panels in the world. As a result, compare to Volkswagen, GM seems make more efforts in developing new energy. 3.3 Energy consumption

From Volkswagen’ aspect, 25% of its production-related energy consumption will be reduced by 2018 versus 2010 levels. For example, both passenger car and light commercial vehicle production have already reduced around 13% of their energy consumption. However, GM makes a policy of Water Consumption.

According to GM, 35%of water consumption will be reduced at worldwide facilities between 2005 and 2010 and 4% from 2010 to 2012. According to the data provided, although Volkswagen has some future plans, GM has already made some good job in reducing energy consumption. 3.4 Greener design

On one hand, in Volkswagen, despite further improvements in comfort and safety, the new designed Golf is 100kg lighter than the old model. And because of the new version of engine, 23% of cars’ fuel consumption has been reduced. Only in the European market, 119,000 tonnes of CO2 has been saved per year.

On the other hand, as the GM engineers have reinvented the automobile and have developed advanced technologies, such as the e-assist light electrification technology and the development of biofuel, not only fuel economy has been improved, but also the emission of CO2 has been reduced. To sum up, these multi-designs from GM represent a better idea of green vehicle.

4 ConclusionsAlthough both of two car manufactures take environmental issues very seriously, they have different purposes. One company’s improvement is basis on the old products, while the other develops new energy to adapt their owned. On the whole, General Motors is better than Volkswagen.

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