General information about automotive industry in Poland

1. General information about automotive industry in Poland The motor industry is the second biggest industry in Poland in terms of turnover. Almost 10 percent of the Polish industrial production and every sixth Zloty in Polish export is generated by the automotive sector. Powerful versus other branches of economy, the motor industry is struggling with its own problems – it is very dependent on the economic climate in other European states and witnesses a plunge in the number of new investments. Poland is the second biggest auto manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe after the Czech Republic.

Out of 40 auto and engine facilities located in the region, 16 are based in Poland. Every third Fiat manufactured worldwide in 2008 was made in Poland. Almost one-fifth of all Opels assembled in 2008 were produced in Poland. After political changes a country ever-haunted by chronic car shortages has grown to become one of the leaders in automotive production. According to PZPM’ s (Polish Automotive Industry Association) data Polish importers and manufacturers sold 333,599 passenger cars in 2010, that is 13,338 vehicles more (4. 2 percent) versus the previous year.

The average price of a passenger car went up by almost 6 percent to PLN 78,500, whereas the value of total new passenger car market in 2010 fetched under PLN 26. 2 billion. Winter months until April witnessed a decline in sales. Dealerships made up for losses in the second half of the year thanks to the ballooning demand for passenger cars with heavy vehicle type approvals. In the second half of 2010, dealers sold 175,279 such vehicles, that is 23,939 (15. 8 percent) more versus the corresponding period of the previous year. Customers bought 35,955 cars in December, i. e. 6 percent (2,042 vehicles) more versus November 2010 and 26.

2 percent (7,460 vehicles) more than in December 2009. The percentage of vehicles purchased by foreign customers in 2010 declined by over fifty percent versus 2009 to 5. 5 percent. Data of the Central Registry of Vehicles indicate that in 2010 transport authorities registered 316,051 new passenger cars, that is 14. 2 percent more (39,351) versus 2009. The figure includes 96,052 passenger cars with heavy vehicle type-approval which accounted for 30. 4% of total registrations. The figure for the previous year was twice as lower and stood at approx. 15% of all newly registered passenger cars. [i]