General Electric Company Presentation

Purpose: After hearing this presentation. The prospective investor will have to proper knowledge and information to purchase stocks in the corporation. * Thesis: General Electric is the world leader in research and development, manufacturing, and international cooperation.


General Electric has been the cornerstone of innovation for over a century. Employing over 36,000 technologists around the world. The manufacturing and development branch has played a huge part in creating imports and exports to spur the U.S. economy. GE’s corporation has branches in almost every continent to allocate ideas and build vital infrastructure to improve the standard of living throughout the world. * Transition: All these functions of GE didn’t happen overnight. Now for the history of how it got this way today * Body

History of GEFrom the start the same question has been asked “Why predict the future when you can change it” In 1890 Thomas Edison established the Edison General Electric Company by bringing his various businesses together. During this period a major competitor arose called Thomas-Houston company.

Thomas- Houston Company was a dominant electrical innovation company created from different mergers In 1892 the companies merged creating the General Electric Company In 1890 The first appliances manufactured were electric fans, 15 years alter a full line of heating and cooking appliances were released In 1896 GE became one of the original 12 companies which formed the DOW Jones in the stock exchange It’s the only company that remains in it still 114 years alter The Radio Corporation of America was founded by GE in 1919 to further international radio.

During WW1 GE developed the first supercharges exhaust driven turbine which made it the world leader in turbine production in WW2 In 1985 GE reacquired the Radio Corporation of America for the NBC television network. * Transition: Since the start up of GE has had a mission to bring the world into a technological age the world could never imagine Mission Statement

Imagine, Solve, Build, and lead, four bold verbs that expresses what it is to be part of GE GE has stood for one capability above all others, the ability to imagine It’s a sense of possibility that allows for a freedom beyond mere invention It can turn dreams into ideas to incorporate in new innovations It dares to be something greater

SolveWe exist to solve problemFor customers, communities, society, and for ourselvesBuildIts not a vision for our future, but more of a quest for growth We look into the future and building is how we get thereLeadershipLeadership brings together imagination, building, and problem solving Leadership isn’t responsible for just maintaining the status quo or managing, but it’s the responsibility to change Change is the essence of what it means to lead

* Transition: GE’s mission statement is how it gains most of its success, but its values is what sets it apart form the rest. ValuesGE’s spirit reflects the values used to represent the companies solid foundation to lead change as business evolves These values ask every GE employee to recommit to a common set of beliefs about the work in the world Passion, curiosity, resourceful, accountable, teamwork, commitment, open and energizing Always with unyielding curiosity

Transition: Wherever General Electric applies itself it succeeds while making the world a better place to live ConclusionGE is ranked by Forbes, Fortune 500, and many other companies as one of the most admired companies in the world GE is leading the way to help create new economic forces to help change the U.S. economy back to the once driving force it once was With General Electric, your investment will only grow and prosper with the company that stands behind innovation