General Electric Analysis

General Electrics is often held up as an example of good business practices. The company has been turned around by Jack Walsh who has also been responsible for many of the processes and the general culture and philosophy which have been put into place to increase efficiency, productivity and motivation. When looking at the way motivation is taking place there is a strong leaning towards the human relations school of though where man is seen as social, rather economic which is associated with scientific school of management.

The human relations school accepts that the employees will have multiple needs that should be satisfied in order to be motivated and that issues such as the employment relationship is very important. Motivation is an important concept that has been receiving considerable attention from organization the increasing attention paid to motivation is justified because of various reasons, such as

 Motivated employees come out with new ways of doing jobs

 Motivated employees are quality oriented

 Motivated employees are more productive

 Any new technology needs motivated employees to adapt it successfully

Lessons on Motivation From Jack Welch Tell people to never allow themselves to become victims. … They should go somewhere else if that’s how they feel.  Constantly refine your gene pool … by promoting your best performers and weeding out your worst.  Grade on a curve. … If I get 10 people, one is a star and one won’t cut it.  Instead of giving people specific operating goals, challenge them to give you every growth idea they’ve got.  You can’t just reward people with trophies. Reward them in the wallet, too.