General Assembly President

With the terrorist attacks, nations have been active in creating counter-terrorism strategies. In a statement by the General Assembly President of the United Nations (n. d. ), he said that the strategy will strengthen the General Assembly’s role in counter-terrorism. The plan of action includes preventing and combating terrorism, strengthening the role of the United Nations, ensuring respect for human rights, and addressing the conditions that are favorable to terrorism. The General Assembly President also relayed the importance of combating terrorism as it affects everyone.

He said that people must remain strong in condemning terrorism. The capabilities of all states must be enhanced so that they can protect their territories. The General Assembly President also called for the United Nations system to further increase their efforts to reinforce counter-terrorism strategies. Terrorism is very real – it manifests in many forms. Governments and nations have been, for many years now, trying to carry out strategies and actions to stop the spread of terrorism. Al Qaeda, in particular, has earned many enemies when it led the many attacks on countries.

Al Qaeda, with Bin Laden at the forefront, was responsible for many terrorist attacks carried out by its operatives. But despite the government initiatives in suppressing Al Qaeda, the organization proved to be hard to destroy, as it is affiliated with many other terrorist groups around the world.


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