Gender and Sexuality

Normally, irrespective of the gender human beings have the sexuality feelings and very often they do not like to expose the same to their fellow beings. They conceal sexual feelings in their mind. But, some are very expressive in this regard. This tendency varies from one person to another and one society to another and also cultural differences also affect this tendency. In ancient period, there was a huge discrimination between gender and sexuality all over the world because male had the dominated power in the society so that he had all the rights towards taking decisions and actions rather than female.

Some researchers have suggested that the school as a special social and cultural pattern for the production and reproduction of sexual and gender identification. When we are examining the gender relations of the people it is mainly based on the rapid increase in the sexuality and children’s interpellation and induction into the process of heterosexuality and the intersection of gender and sexuality. Moreover girls are more cautious about their body for production as heterosexuality commodities.

They are continuously checking their parts of the body such as arms, legs, hips and thighs and positioning their body as too fat or too thin and also checking their body needs to diet etc. Most of the girls emphasize on their femininity. Generally girls are attracted by boys because of style matters and desire to expect something from him. Normally girls are wearing mini-skirts, high heels or platforms and a cosmetic and cosmetic culture in which the ultimate aim is to attract the opposite sex. It is normally created by involving of daily routine work or network meeting each other and chatting different styles and so on leads to sexuality.

Moreover girls are going outside for some places and staying some time and they are engaged in some activities like kissing, holding hands etc will lead to sex (Ronald, 2000). So in this regard we can say the gender and sexuality are plays a vital role for attracting each other and attracting themselves by way of their activities. 2. Does sexual discrimination exist in our schools? If so, describe it. If not, support your Position. When we are talking about sexual discrimination in our school, it no more exists. But the thing is that in class room no one is serious about all these things.

They are discussing the issues which are going on the society as well. Before 1948 the sexual discrimination exists in the society but after 1948 United Nations adopted United Declaration of Human rights (UDHR), it explains that inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all human members are almost same. It is a complementary frame work of all human relations. It is also noted that just a few decades earlier Federal laws were in place that refused women the right to vote. It is a contradictory political issue, and sexual policy decisions often have a high impact on people in the society and the schools as well.

Decision of an individual has no role in determining the sexuality in the society. Almost all schools are reluctant to talk about sexual matters in the class room. When we are giving sexual education in class room, it will be a strong foundation for the students to determine whether to go or not. As a social issue, if the government gives permission to handle sexual matters in the class room, it will find a solution. The discrimination is based on gender aspects, most of students are engaged in heterosexuality. Majority of the girls are produced their femininity through dominant of heterosexuality.

The main reason for forming heterosexuality is that Symbolic sexual performances, Public sexual hint, sexual storytelling and sexual objectification. 3. Are there firm moral grounds from which to judge sexuality? Elaborate and discuss your opinion. Young generation concentrate more f their time for their leisure activities than any other productive purposes. They have enough cash and wealth from their parents. So they engage in different enjoyments like movie, dance etc. By getting some trips and thrills from these, they are engaging sexual activities.

So they are not getting enough education from the school and they are not well aware about the impact of sexuality. Nearly 50% of the younger generation affected sexually transmitted infections such as HIV because of carelessness of the sexual matters. They are reluctant to use condoms and other precautionary items to avoid pregnancy. A good number of school going students are getting pregnant each year. The main reason for this is the reluctant to use the condoms while engaging sexual activities. 4. How do you view sexuality? Do you have any personal biases about sexuality?

If so, where do these biases stem from? It is human and permanent. As a human being premarital sex is a very crucial and leads to various incidents. Main reason is that they are not using condoms and neglecting its credibility. So the latest survey suggests that Nation should encourage the younger generation to use condoms until marriage. The research also suggests that while when we are engaged in sex, use of condoms will reduce pregnancy and deceases and in that way we can reduce the risk. In general terms sexuality is coming from our feelings towards opposite sex.

When we have the positive mind towards sex we can manage it properly. It is not a mental feeling, just an attraction of people with sexual attitude. In schools we can provide sexual education and its impact and awareness camp for non schooling younger generation. In that way we can reduce the pregnancy and decrease the number of HIV affected students. 5. Considering your presented perspective, how does sexuality affect our educational environments? Moreover, how might your individual perspectives and biases affect your classroom?

In the present condition sexual education plays a vital role in all the countries Younger generation those who are not going to schooling they are getting various insights from websites, messages, images, book etc. But the school going students are not getting sufficient information about sexuality is the main reason for making mistakes in the society. In almost all the schools keeping sufficient books, magazines in the library but it is keeping in the library only. Teachers are not providing these materials to students.

By providing enough education to the students when they are schooling the society can avoid the teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted deceases like HIV and horrors of incest, rape and other forms of sexual activities. In the class room teachers should inspire about what are all the precautions taken while engaging in sexual intercourse. When the students are getting the proper knowledge about the sexual matters, then they can avoid teen pregnancy and diseases also. It is suggested that 10%of the students are engaged in lesbian or gay. Because it reduces the pregnancy and they are getting motivated each other.

The behavioral aspect of students are different from one individual to another individual it may be because of culture, status etc. So while providing sexual information in the class room it will affect the mindset of the students and also it affects the society as a whole. 6. What will you do to improve your classroom’s learning environment based on your answers to the previous questions? When we are talking about the gender and sexuality regarding the general perspective class room learning plays a vital role in determining the future of an individual.

Perpetual system of basic education towards sexual information will provide a better opportunity for younger generation. The classroom could be set in such a manner that sex education is a must and it is the foundation for getting sexual knowledge by which children discuss their emerging sexual identities and, recent incidents in turn, learn much about each other and themselves and family and the society as well. By getting all these knowledge, students’ mind tends to work in its way to cultural and ethical way of life.

This learning will also provide perceptual material for thought and brainstorming activities, especially when it appears in day to day situations narratives—funny jokes, dirty jokes, male, female gossip, bawdy songs, and erotic novels etc. Sex is not a simple subject but it is a tool, used to pry the top off things and explore inner feelings of human being and also it is used as a tool for overcoming tensions and taking relaxation from stress. It does for ordinary people what logic does for scientists – it helps make sense of things easily and in an understandable manner.

The significance of gender in the development and maintenance of self- identity should not be underestimated, as it is one of the few remaining aspects of identity that colors, imaginations, feelings of each and every individual. The changes in food, culture, environment and lifestyle also play an important role in determining the sexuality and sexual behavior of an individual. References Renold Emma (2000), coming out: Gender, (hetero) sexuality and the primary school, Gender and Education, Vol. 12 (309-326)