Ge Marketing Plan

The General Electric Company, or GE, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation incorporated in New York. The company operates through five segments: Energy Infrastructure, Technology Infrastructure, NBC Universal, Capital Finance and Consumer Industrial. Today the company has 304000 employees around world. GE participates in a wide variety of markets including the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, such as nuclear, gas and solar power, lighting, industrial automation, medical imaging equipment, motors, railway locomotives, aircraft jet engines, and aviation services.

GE made huge profits and revenue. In 2004, the company generated $124 billion, the profit margin was $15.5 percent; in 2005 it had $137 billion revenue, the operating profit margin was 15.9 percent; and $152 billion for 2006, the profit margin was as same as 2005; In 2007, the company made $173 billion profit and 16.6 percent for profit margin; And finally, it has $183 billion for revenue and rises the margin profit to 10.50 percent.

GE has been expanding its presence across the world, particularly in emerging markets. International markets provide higher growth potential and driving GE into new geographic regions. One particular area with high potential for Solar power. With rising fuel costs, climate change concerns and growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources are becoming an increasingly valuable part of world’s energy mix.

The GE’s Solar power plant, as one of the leading providers of renewable energy products and services, GE is committed to offering our customers best in class technology that can provide the lowest cost of electricity. GE has established itself as a global leader in the solar industry. The company took a look at the biggest barrier for adoption of solar technology cost and built its portfolio around the goal of lowest cost of electricity in the industry. GE now offers robust solutions for every part of large-scale solar system, from components such as GE’s Brillance solar inverters, monitoring and controls, thin film solar panels and others to complete packaged solution, which is Utility Scale Solar Plant.

Of GE’ competitors, Siemens AG (SI) is the most significant. Siemens operates in a number of different industries, many of which it shares with GE. In fact, NBC Universal is the only of GE’s six divisions that Siemens does not directly compete with. Despite GE’s size advantage, however, Siemens is still a very large company in its own right, and it’s the only company that effectively competes against GE in nearly all of its main industries.