Gay/Lesbian Children & Parents

Every human is born with a right to be loved and respected. Gays and lesbians are also humans born into this world through their fate but they deserve equal love and respect like other normal human beings. The gay and lesbian children are not responsible for the fact that they are different from heterosexuals and they cannot be blamed for what fate has decided for them. Gay and lesbian children are found throughout history and across cultures.

They should not be differentiated from heterosexuals since they are similar to them in all the aspects of development except of their sexuality. Both homosexuals and heterosexuals grow in a similar manner during their childhood and experience the same stress, discomforts and difficulties of life along with pleasure and happiness. Society should understand that sexual orientation is not a matter of choice for children instead it is bestowed upon them.

They are similar to heterosexuals in all other aspects therefore; they deserve the same amount of love and respect . B. As far as gay and lesbian parents are considered, they are not seen as respectable people in the society for something which is not their fault. They’ve a right to produce children with their partners according to their sexual orientation like heterosexuals. Both types of sexual orientation parents are similar in producing children; the only difference exists in their partners.

This does not become a reason for disrespecting them in the society. These parents also deserve the same amount of love and acceptance as given to the heterosexuals parents. They’re similar to the heterosexuals in all other aspects even in producing children therefore; they need not to be differentiated from them in society . WORKS CITED Dallas, J. When Homosexuality Hits Home: What to Do When a Loved One Says They’re Gay. Harvest House Publishers , 2004.