Gay marriage and Debates

According to one of the debate held in California, the gay marriage is often citing gay divorce as a reason against gay marriage. And totally the discussion gave a final conclusion as the gay marriage should be banned because it lacks social as well as cultural obligation. However it may further integrate gay culture into the open society. The gay marriage cannot be tolerated as South African establishment promise never to tolerate gay marriage nor the homosexuality and recitation homosexuality as aberrant and not allowable even in a human right circumstance.

The ongoing debate in the South African state is the dominant subject in its conventional. However the Christian society follows in the wake of the recent legislation of gay civil union in the regional power house of South Africa. The house of worship in Zambia has reversed the government posture on the issues that handle the center of Christianity while African conservative distinguish that marriage only exits between a man and a woman. Whereas now tolerated South Africa a nation with the foundation, prevention on the basis of sexual orientation and it cannot break its traditional and cultural belief.

USCCB Committee on Marriage and Family Life and USCCB Committee on Domestic Policy have given a brief statement about the marriage as a faithful, exclusive and lifelong union between one man and one woman, attached as husband and wife in a close partnership of life and love. And the combination was established on the faith of god own law. Therefore the committee strongly opposed gay marriage and to provide a legal status to it. Conclusion Based on the various findings and evaluations illustrated in the paper it is understood that gay marriage is a matter of concern for all citizens in a country.

This phenomenon has been making series of debates and discussions over and again to find a lasting solution for the problem. The issue is appealing the attention of not only the authorities, but the entire society as number of gay marriage is on rise for the past few years. Gay sex marriage has been opposed by almost all communities from across the world. Furthermore, it is morally and ethically wrong to legalize gay marriage to enjoy same rights as that of heterosexuals. Work Cited “About Public Opinion”. US Public Opinion on Homosexuality. Religioustolerence. org.

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