Gay and Lesbian marriages

The issue of same sex marriages that is gay between two males and lesbian between two females is one that sparks conflicting viewpoints across the globe whenever it is debated. Opponents argue that it is immoral and should not be legalized while proponents offer their reasons for their strong standpoint as to why it ought to be legalized. The major argument for the legalization of same sex marriages is to allow gay and lesbian couples to enjoy the rights related to or associated with marriage. Its legalization would ensure that they are not treated as ‘second class citizens’ or in other words that are not discriminated upon.

(Wax A, 2008). The focus of this paper will be to offer a persuasive argument as to why gay and lesbian marriages should be legalized. Proponents of same sex marriages argue that it is their right to marry and the failure to legalize same sex marriages is unfair. It denies them the right to take charge of their spouses affairs for instance their consent cannot be sought in making of important decisions like medical operations of their spouses, they are denied access to insurance as well as tax benefits and cannot get custody of their children. (Wax A, 2008).

Opponents argue that such marriages should not be condoned as they negate the traditional purposes of marriage which include child bearing for the continuity of the society. (Nolan L and Wardle L, 2005). This argument is however countered by the fact that there are also ‘normal’ or straight couples who cannot bear children yet they have successful marriages. Marriages serve other purposes like sexual satisfaction, companionship and love which are vital in a human life. Although they may opt for adoption when they need children it is argued that gay spouses may not be the best parents to bring them up.

This argument is however dismissed as hypothetical. (Wolfson E, 2004). Another major reason behind the support for same sex marriages is major factor that determines if one is to be homosexual. Though the research may not be clear there seems to be a correlation between one’s genetic make up and their sexual preferences. The argument here is that people are gay due to biological determinism and not by choice and discriminating against them is consequently unfair. References: Alyse Wax. Why Californians Should Vote NO On Proposition 8.

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