Gateway for other drugs

While many people still oppose to the legalization of heroin because of the insight that it can serve as the gateway for other drugs to be abused leading to more severe problem and does not solve the health issues of addict, I disagree with this point of view. Suppose that the heroin program was not approved, the number of addicts shooting up in public areas and later on perpetrates crime would still be prevalent because they do not have any facilities to go to in order to manage their addiction.

Other than this, since it is illegal to use heroin, the number of people who resolve to theft and prostitution in order to compensate for their heroin would also rise. As one of the opposition pointed out that: “People have died from alcohol and heroin, but not from cannabis;" It should be understood that people die from heroin use because they administer it in high doses together with other drugs or more so because the equipments they used may have been contaminated. The presence of the program will reduce the number of morbidity from heroin use because there is a proper monitoring and supervision from medical professionals.

Likewise, as heroin used in the centers are produced by government approved laboratory, there is an assurance that its strength and purity has been properly monitored. To conclude, I think that the legalization of heroin program is a good way of helping addicts to function well in the society because through the aid of government approved centers that offer the said program, many addicts who have been unhelped by other therapies are helped by health professionals to receive carefully measured doses of heroin.

Little by little the said doses can be reduced overtime with proper monitoring which would eventually allow the patient to recover from their addiction. Other than this, as the heroin program provides access to addicts’ equipments that are well maintained, they are assured to avoid risks of acquiring diseases that can be transferred through injection, which is the main medium of using heroin.

In addition, the program is an important vehicle for the reduction of crime because as the government already has the control over the production and distribution of heroin, its illegal trade would be stopped and the existence of shooting galleries where most heroin addicts get their supplies of heroin will be stopped as well.


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