Gas Station Feasibility

I. Management Aspect A. Form of the Business Ownership The Gassoline station is a partnership form of business that is owned by five persons and managed by two persons, namely Mr. Neil Aldin Dano, and Mr. Mark Anthony Fabian, Mr. Mico Quimbao, Mr. Daweng Zerpe and Mr. Arnel Espinosa. B. Nature of the Business The gassoline station will be offering the following petroluem and lubricant products; Petroluem: Unleaded Deisel Auto-Lpg Lubricants: C. Location The Gassoline stattion will be located at Victoria, Tarlac City. It will be stategivally located along the TPLEX (Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union Express WAy).

To capture the needs of travelers passing by the expressway in terms of petroluem. D. Vision To be an indispensable partner in the journey of everyone whose life we touch E. Mission We deliver the best value in products and services to our customers. We conduct our business with respect, integrity, and excellence We build programs to nurture the environment and welfare of the communities we serve F. Objective H. Organizational Chart Figure 1 The gassoline station are managed by Mr. Neil Aldrin Dano the manager and Mr. Anthony Fabian the Assistant manager.

There are two rank positions are gassoline controller, and bookkeeper, The other job positions are cashier and pump attendant. The gasolline station runs 24/7, with regards to their schedule it will have three shifting per day. The first shift is from 6am to 2pm then the next shift is from 2pm to 10pm and the last shift is from 10pm to 6am. The security guard is the one who will responsible for the safety of the station. The gassoline station maintains that its rank employees have a technical attributes of at least a collge, and its subordinate employees to be atleast high school graduate.

Other quilification that is considered during screening is an initial good moral character. I. Job descriptions Manager Gas Station Managers are responsible for day-to-day operations, ordering, scheduling, training, supervising employees, store image, profits, all controllable expenses, labor, inventory, cash, and shortages. They must determine stock needs, interact positively with vendors and customers, monitor receiving goods, maintain inventory and minimize waste and pilferage. They must oversee and control all funds.

Gas Station Managers must plan, schedule, supervise, and ensure that all Gas Station Attendants adhere to store policies and procedures. Assistant Manager Assists manager by performing related duties. Cashier responsible for cashiering, collecting cash payments from customers and making change, or charging purchases to customers’ credit cards and providing customers with receipts. Pump Attendants They clean, collect, and dispose outside trash. They order stock, and price and shelve incoming goods, and provide assistance and customer service. II.

Marketing Aspect Every business has its own strategies, technique and policies in order to increase and maintain profit. Profer marketing and knowledge on the target markrt should consider and work carefully. Focusing on the custumers need and wants is a big matter. A. Gassoline Station Products The need for petroluem products exactly along the TPLEX is the project because of the many cars passing by and facilitates peoples not only in traveling but also in the transfortaion of goods and services. Gassoline Station Petroluem Products: Unleaded50.

05 Deisel 41. 50 Auto-Lpg25. 80 B. Target Market The Target Market are the travelers of TPLEX (Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union Express way) C. Marketing Program The marketing program is only statisfying customers travels and transfortation of goods and services with disered price and quality of service environment . It has shown that the quiality of service environment is important for this type of business. D. Ways of promoting the business Advertisement – Local radio station Publication on local news Billboard Tarpuline D. Competitive Analysis.

The gassoline station had the advantage of being the first gassoline station in TPLEX (Talac, Pangasinan, la Union Express Way). Catch the price-conscious customers, stay on the leading edge of gas prices in the area. III. Technical Aspect A right and proper process in every services and petroluem products being offered has a proper plan and strategy. There is a step by step procedures that wold ne follow in order to work accurately and effectivety, equipment in a gas station is also crucial, the business location and the view of the resturant is discussed here.

A. Land The land is located at Panique Tarlac City it is show figure 2 , it has shown the vicinity map where the gassoline station will be located. B. Building/Plant Lay-out Present the Floor Plan of Gassoline Station. The property line has an area of 1. 7 hectar. C. Manpower Requirment and Materials for the construction of Building I. Structural II. Masonry III. Carpentry IV. Steel V. Electrical VI. Paintings VII. Others D. Equipments Pump Dispencers Pump Accesories Valves and Fittings Fuel Filters Fuel Control and Payment systems.

IV. Socio- Economic Aspect Integrating social responsibility with corporate strategy is the continuing commitment of the management of gassoline station to identify appropriate actioat that will maximize profits while satisfying the demand for sustainable resposible business. In this regards, the company reponds to this call of business statemanship by meeting or even exceeding the sociaties, commercials, legal, ethical and public expectation while enhancing both the companys andemployees long run profitability and survival.

Gassoline station embraaces its resposibility towards the differnt interest group such as owners, employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, goverment, society, environment and other members of the society. Pursuing the Tripplies Button Line – People, Planet, and Profit, the company corporate social responsibility will be operating beyond the bounds of responsibilities which includes a wider prespective on corporate stewardship and social iniciatives. V. Legal Aspecct 1. Sanitary Permit It must be obtain prior building permit and before construction of the business.

Sanitary permit is a permit released by the local goverment as a proof that the location and equipment of gassoline station passed the standards set by the national goverment. A sanitary permit required for these system to ensure that waste do not cause public health hazard. 2. Barangay Clearance A document released by the barangay hall after the owner has met with the requirements of the barangay where gassoline station will operate. The barangay captain will release the barangay clearance and he will attest that the gassoline station complied with all necessary requirements.

3. Residence Certificate a cedula is defined as the ” Community tax certification” that has expiration of 1 year. The gassoline station can get this as soon as possible. It is a proof that the gassoline sstation will operate on the address submitted and also used for tax purposes. 4. Business Permit It is a permit released by the local goverment as a proof that the business is legal to operate. Befor the City Hall will release the business permit, the gassoline station must first have the sanitary permit, DTI reports, police clearance, Cedula and Barangay Clearance.

5. DTI Reports It is a document showing proof that the owner has met with the requirment of the Department of Trade and Industry, 6. Police Clearance It is permit released by the NBI as a proof that the owner is free from any criminal case. 7. Mayors Permit It is a permit released by the Mayor of Victoria after the owner has met with all the legal requirments by the local goverment. The owner must obtain the Cedula, Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance, DTI reports before the City Hall will issue the Mayors Permit.