Gang Violence in Los Angeles

Crimes mostly related with gangs in Los Angeles County have been significantly greater than before in the past years, getting scourge extent particularly for African American and Hispanic teenagers and young adults. A record kept by the state’s Department of Justice, Los Angeles is a dwelling to 463 mobs with 39,032 affiliates — almost equivalent to the population of Encino (Winton, 2005).

To be recognized by the system keeping track of the gang list, an individual have to satisfy these conditions to be an acknowledged gang affiliate, be branded by a dependable informer, be dressed in gang clothing, exhibit gang symbols or tattoos, regular mob neighborhood or be detained with identified gang affiliate (Winton, 2005). Out of the eighty-eight municipalities in the state of Los Angeles, 66 cities testified that there have been incidences of gang violence.

Generally, it is uncommon in high class society, though areas such as San Marino and Arcadia have some Asian American gang violence reports. South of the state has one hundred twenty one mobs, and the San Fernando Valley is an abode to eighty-one gangs. Hispanic mob affiliates are the most scattered group, with affiliates in the distant San Fernando and San Gabriel vale. Having a number of incidences concerning gangs in our community has increased my interest in choosing this topic.

Being aware that gang-related violence is not new anymore but it has been noticeably present today from different sorts such as against races, social classes and locations in the state. Gang violence is an extremely grave and fatal social problem in Los Angeles ought to be given serious attention or else a greater number of individuals would become victims of this street brutality.

In a metropolis recognized for its mob-related cases, rising statistics of pure penitentiary parolees along with juvenile members are making a rapid addition in gang violence, particularly murder. A chain of law enforcement amendments, started to answer rascal policemen on the job may have added to the boost. In the course of February 2007, 63 victims lost their lives in gang-connected killings in Los Angeles, greater than the triple digits for the similar time in 2000 (Three Strikes, 2002).

In Los Angeles County, law enforcement officials are aware of more than 1300 street gangs with over 150,000 members. In the City of Los Angeles alone, there are approximately 407 gangs and over 56,000 members. According to the past research, the ratio of all murders in the state which were gang connected was bigger from eighteen percent to forty-one percent. Among the 5,541 cases related to mobs that were part of the research, eighty-six percent were involving fifteen to thirty-four years old individuals (OCD, 2006).

African Americans and Hispanics, particularly males cover ninety three percent of the entire victims of crimes connected to mobs, and ninety six percent were casualties concerning a kid or a teenager (OCD, 2006). Deadly weapons such as guns were utilized in an escalating percentage of murders (Three Strikes, 2002). According to the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Sheriff Department, the county of Los Angeles leads the most incidences of reported brutal street mobs of any county in the United States (cited in OCD, 2006).