Gang culture particularly the bloods and how it affects the life inner city teenagers

What is your topic?

Gang culture particularly the bloods and how it affects the life inner city teenagers·

Why did you choose this topic?

This topic I chose because it concerns me, the repercussions of such compact on children and youth who live in such neighborhoods with organized crimes and ability of causing chaos and delivering incompetence of thoughts and emotions over the place and neighborhood they live in makes this subject important to dwell on.·

What lead you to want to investigate this particular community or issue?

this issue concerns my being a person who wants to go in depth into the world of the disturbed minds and psyches of people who I could have been in their place and if so would like a hand given to me to be able to live a desirable and decent life instead of living my life wishing to be the stereotypical person of my race shown on tv as an inspirational role model.

What have you learned so far in producing this portfolio?

I have learned that life is about justice and to bring a case with new motivation into life and possibly give it the right to bring light into hearts which have been concealed in darkness for so long and had their minds shut down by life decent opportunities could make me make a difference in this world surrounding them.·

 What have you learned about the writing process?

It is academical in other words I will study and be effectively inputting and outputting information in a scientific based method of thinking and deducing and inducing information.·

What have you learned about rhetoric and appealing to your audience?

The audience I seek to appeal to is the audience concerned in this project: the gangs, if I could understand how they think and what they feel and have the suitable words and opportunity to address them then I’d like to be given a chance to help them out of the well they’ve been thrown in. Rhetoric I use should and has to obtain attention from the audience in order to pass on my beliefs and considerations on such issue.·

What have you learned about persuasion or argument?

It is my field of inquiry’s attitude to be persuasive and automatically enact good will and information which could bring light into lives and shower them with understanding of themselves and reality unlike that they live by presenting to them argumentatively and accurately a plan that could give them such a glimmer of opportunity to consider.·

What have you learned about thinking like a social scientist and/or scholar?

Being raised in a family where I had to deal with my own disturbances I learned to control myself and negotiate thoughts for my best and understand and estimate clearly what the opportunities in life are and what is held for me in the future. I’d  like to pas that on to my brothers and sisterhoods in humanity as much as possible.·

What have you learned about researching?

It is an accurate mode of living to calculate and base your life on facts that are unarguable but just and concrete and not poetically delivered without a hard core of reality that could be changed to the best.·

What have you learned about the ‘conversation’ about your topic or discipline?

Conversation is what I’d like to have done and accurately decide on the next step to do after finishing the required data filling to plan ahead what will be the following step of the ‘conversation’.·

What have you learned about your topic?

It is a deadly case in the news and youth are shifting to it and do not leave it except to the grave mostly, I’d like to help find a solution to the problem.·

What assumptions did you have that you no longer have?

That a solution to the problem could not come to existence but with hope and hard work and prayers and great effort and belief I put into it I could get what I want to achieve.

What were your difficulties?


How did you overcome these difficulties or how do you plan to overcome these difficulties?

Arranging of priorities properly and adequately in descending order to focus on the top.

Do you think you have become a better scholar?

I have a better understanding of humans which could make me understand the ins and outs of humans in different positions in life.·

What has been positive about this process for you?

Developing a  more clear-cut understanding into the spirit of broken people.·

Did you discover some new interest, some different way of thinking?

I have always desired to be a helpful citizen in the community and would like to develop the acquisition of intelligence required to resolve the problems. This is the first step to clearly satisfy my stance and works on real grounds.·

 Are you more motivated in your scholarship?


What are your goals for the rest of the semester in Eng 210 and how does working on the next two portfolios help you achieve these goals?

To get a deeper look at gang’s life and the thinking of the youth in the life they lead and how they perceive life truly from their points of view.

Are you still interested in continuing your research? If so, why?

The answer lies in how much I could contribute to the portfolio as long as the research is in my hand.