Friendship: President of the United States and Friendships

The world is made up of people and is organized, divided, and held together by the people with relationships and friendships. Going along with Woodrow Wilson, these friendships are what will hold the world together. People have many friendships in their lives. I will tell you how these friendships are the only thing that will hold the world together. There are many different relationships that organize the world. For example the United States is held together by friendship. The U. S. is organized by the government. U. S. citizens have friendships and relationships with the government.

We work together to hold the U. S. together. The government makes the decisions about laws and other decisions that citizens can not make. The citizens elect officials for the government and follow the government’s instruction. Even more specific the citizens elected President Barack Obama to make decisions for them. If we didn’t have this friendship the U. S. wouldn’t be together and everybody would be on their own, unless they had this friendship to organize their world. We need this friendship in the world, to hold the U. S. together.

The world is divided by countries but each country has relationships outside of there own country. They are held together by the different friendships with those countries. The United States has its own friendships within itself but the world is held together by its international friendships. The U. S. is divided from other countries but we need these friendships to hold the world together. We borrow money, trade, work with these other countries and we rely on them. Japan and Haiti are two of our many different international friendships.

We support them in times of destruction like the natural disasters in each country because the have helped us and maintain our friendship. For example the U. S. sent around 10,000 troops to help Haiti after the earthquake there ("US sending 10,000 troops to earthquake-hit Haiti"). They helped us so we helped them. That is how most of the United States friendships work. If we didn’t have friendships with some of these countries, war would happen. The world would be no longer together. Chaos would happen with war like lose of jobs, materials, food and people.

We are divided but we need these friendships to hold the worlds together. People need other people in their lives. People rely on different people and vice versa. These friendships hold the world together. For example I have friendships with people from school, sports, and family. These are just obvious ones. There are also friendships with farmers, government, factory workers, and many other people. A specific example of one of these friendships is the U. K. based Fairtrade foundation and their consumers. Even in the tough economy consumers still keep there friendship with the company and continue to buy products.

The company is estimated to have a twelve percent increase in sales in 2012 (Neena Rai). They continue to purchase products even through the rough economy because of the friendship between the company and consumers. The company relies on the consumers and continues to produce food. All of theses friendships hold the world together. The world is divided and organized but friendship is the only cement to hold the world together. Look at friendships in your life. People rely on each other to stay together. The world is different because of friendship. Without friendship the world wouldn’t be together.