Freedom of speech

Censorship is a process of controlling,restricting or preventing the public broadcast of some words,ideas and other statements,which are against the moral values of a particular society or that words are forbidden in that society according to the rules of censorship. (http://www. encyclopedia. com/doc/1G2-3401800712. html). Censor board is a committee of several people who monitor the voilation of certain moral and religious or any other values.The  ommittee has a responsibility to monitor writings and publications on politics, economy, social and religious issues. The members of censor board are employed by the government. The members of censor board are must have adequate knowledge about thier censoring field like movies and books of different themes,politics,educational or any religious values(http://www. freedomtoread. ca/censorship-in-canada/#. U9oqjbG9s_w) .There is a constitution defined by goverment whether to censor a data or idea. This set rules is called a license, this license can be changed only by the goverment. If the censor board find any speech,movie or book that violates the censorship license, then the board has the right to bann it completely or a part of it. If a book or other material has passed the censorship process then censor board issue a certificate to the owner of that material. So, this makes the public broadcast of that material possible(http://whoacanada. wordpress. com/tag/censorship-in-canada/).There are many types of censorship like religious based censorship,moral censorship,ipolitical censorship,corporate censorship. in the same way, there different censor board for each of this fields. in canada every province has its own censor boards to censor any of the subjects (https://wikispaces. psu. edu/display/IST432TEAM19/Types+of+Censorship).In canada everyone has the freedom of speech,freedom to write and many other rights. these rigths are one aspect of a coin, the second aspect of the coin is that the canadian citizens have certain responsibilities as well for instance they can not hurt the feelings of others using abusive words or they can not hurt the religious values of others. If there is no censorship then any one can hurt feelings of others.Sometimes some sort of data printed in books or showed in movies is inapropriate for certain age group fpr example violent and sexual material is inapropriate for childern. Sometimes some criminal minded people also want to spoil the national unity of a country by presenting some discriminative words about a paticular religion, country or a specific class of society. So, censor board have the authority bann that type of material and it uses its authority to maintain peace and normal environment.It also controll our media,that means media only has the right to criticise someone but under the limits anbut it can not hurt personal feelings or other feelings. If media hurt someone’s feelings or religious feelings, then that person or community can complain against media in censor board and censor board has the right to bann that media channel or newspaper,censor board can also tell the media not to publish or broadcast that data or material publically (http://www. huffingtonpost. com/news/media-censorship/) .So censorship is the process of monitoring inapropriate material to protect everyone’s rights and freedom.