Free speech dissertation chapter

The primary focus of the study was to investigate how public policy affects free speech and its impact on proposals for free speech politics in the USA. It aimed at analyzing how this issue affects, first and foremost the poor and middle class citizen, and secondly the middle-upper class in terms of social economic factors. It was also very critical to measure whether the public policies affect other countries, and if so to what extent.

Therefore during the undertaking, it was necessary to understand the processes by which political powers from government officials and other institutions influenced the environment mainly surrounding the lower class citizens, and hence limiting the process of exercising free speech. Research Method Descriptive method of research was deployed in this study. This was due to the fact that the study required one to describe the existing state of affair at the period of the research and hence investigate the cause(s) behind such events.

The method was deemed as the most appropriate in obtaining actual data from the respondents and in the process formulating reasonable and pragmatic findings. (McNabb, 2005) Both qualitative and quantitative methods were applied in the process. Quantitative Method The decision to apply Quantitative method in this research was driven by the fact that it simplifies the process by using precise set terms (Cooper & Schindler, 1998).

Also, this method clearly categorises both the independent and dependent variables being scrutinized (Gorman, 2003). Its ability to test the hypothesis and determining causality issues makes it more objective and authoritative (Gorman, 2003). Qualitative Method The two approaches, quantitative and qualitative, complimented each other. Therefore researcher chose to utilize these two options due to this factor (McNabb, 2005). For example, the flexibility offered by the qualitative approach made it appealing.

By applying qualitative approach, the researcher was able to make necessary amendments that come along during the research process. Moreover, the approach enabled the researcher to overcome limitation associated with the manipulation of research setting, a weakness that highly witnessed in experimental study. Data Collection Research Questions The main purpose of this study was to investigate how public policy affects free speech and its impact on proposals for free speech politics in the USA.

By carrying the investigation on the above issue, it was expected that the finding derived would encourage the formulation of better policy. However in order to come up with final and conclusive findings, the following research question had to be addressed: 1. Is the current public policy on free speech suitable? 2. Does the current public policy on free speech have an influence in the production, determination, and accessibility of power? 3. Is freedom of speech an irrelevant element in promoting democracy? Research Population and Sample

Since access to the entire research population could have been an expensive and nearly impossible affair, it was prudent to cautiously pick a sample that would derive credible result. Member of various variable category were selected to comprise the sample. By accurately choosing the sample, it was possible to derive findings that reflected the opinion and views of the entire population with a higher degree of accuracy (Clark, 2000). Random selection method, that guaranteed each member of the population an equal chance of being included in the sample, was used.