Fraud Investigation

It is not easy to investigate a crime that has been committed within an environment that is too secluded and small. It will hinder every small step in the investigation process. An example of this is an investigation in a department store that has been reported as a victim of fraud committed by some of its employees. In line with that, an investigation that is done in a certain department store for a fraud crime is too risky not to mention the unwillingness of the people around the said area to cooperate in the investigation process.

The reason why these employees would not cooperate in the investigation of the crime is due to prudence as they do not want to be involved of such a risky activity. They are also afraid for any possibility of frame-up, that is why I had a hard time in investigating the fraud crimes committed. As fraud investigator, I experienced working hard to be able to solve a certain problem in a department store. A group of employees in the store was caught committing fraud crimes. I was employed by the management of the said department store to gather evidences and to investigate

about how the suspects committed the crime which would lead to their apprehension. That 2 assignment was too tough for me, since the people I am going to investigate are some of the well- trusted employees of the company. Also, they are so good in hiding themselves for them not to be caught in their illegal acts. Their awareness that if they will be suspected in doing those suspicious acts, they would be placed under surveillance and scrutiny. That is why they tried very hard to close their evil deeds. The transactions that they do are always protected through their conspiracy.

Their influence in the people of the working environment they belong is also one factor that could hinder the success in the investigation conducted. The main suspect of the crime is the manager of the department store with two employees in the accounting department. The three persons helped each other in order to materialize their evil acts or fraudulent machinations. The questions that I asked them in order to let them squeal out are just simple yet direct to the point. I just asked, how often did you open the vault of the company?