France’s view on UAVs- Model United Nations

A. Unmanned Weapons, commonly referred as UAVs or drones, are one of the latest accomplishments in modern warfare. UAVs can be used for surveillance purposes or can be armed to carry out military attacks. The problem the world faces is whether UAVs are legal to use not just inside each respective country but also internationally. Also problems as moral issues are constantly being brought up against UAVs. B.

The French Republic currently has 23 UAVs, three of which are stationed in Afghanistan for military observation purposes. The rest are used for civilian applications, particularly for law enforcement. The French Republic has never used UAVs to create harm to any civilians and has only used UAVs for surveillance purposes. France believes that UAVs are a way to civilize war fields without creating such bloodshed. UAVs are much more accurate than humans so it can minimize civilian casualties in case of attacks.

The French Republic will continue to use UAVs and carry out missions with UAVs if necessary. C. As for moral issues, France thinks simply time will do it. The Public will get used to this new technology and new way of war and will stop questioning if UAVs are morally right. Each country should set up its own laws to restrain individuals or groups to own UAVs. These laws could restrain the amount or size of the UAV an individual can own, or just outlaw UAVs.

This should avoid groups from that country to carry out attacks with drones. However, in modern day; drones are sometimes used against terrorist organizations from no particular countries and many times UAVs are deployed even when countries are not officially at war. In these cases, just one country’s regulation on drones is not enough. There has to be regulations that are followed by countries internationally, restricting how many drones a country can have or deploy in a single mission.