The Founding Fathers and Religion of the United States

For generations man has been killing themselves, as long as we can remember. In the past we fought for country, emotion, freedom and the most controversial religion. However everything changed during the creation of The United States of America. There first fight was over tyranny and there second was over religion. How is it that that one nation was able to stop a battle of faith, while others couldn’t and met there demise? How it is that one nation was able to overcome what others couldn’t? The reason people came to the United States was to escape religious persecution. However when they came here they found out they traded one hell for another. Similarly Congress knew that as long as they couldn’t decide there religious views that the nation would be divided.

The United States Congress had Episcopalians, Congregationalists, Presbyterians and many other religious views. As John Adams said “We couldn’t join in the same act of worship.” Then the British Stormed Boston and the shots were heard round the world. During this Reverend Duche read a part of psalms “Please my cause, O Lord with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.” As John Adams said “I never saw a greater affected upon an audience.”

The reason being is because God united them even with all there different protestant views. Accordingly the founding Fathers debated over to open the American saga with prayer are wonderfully fitting, for their conflicts are our conflicts, their dilemmas our dilemmas. Likewise the country is starting to form it’s that we fight united or we fall divided. This truly shows how dynamic and meticulous the founding fathers were on religion. Accordingly to this date people think that we have strayed to far from good or become to close. The real question is though what god have we strayed from and/or become to close to?

The God that Americans specifically believe in isn’t the god of Abraham or founded on the Christian religion. Consequently that is what is good because the god in America is a higher being because the founding father believed in Deism. Likewise this is why there is a wall of Although the Founding Fathers believed in Deism the link to Christianity is very strong. As Thomas Jefferson said “The god who gave us life gave us liberty – including the liberty to believe or not to believe.”

Similarly the bible says the whole reason god created us was for a relationship, so that we can know him even at the risk that we would choose otherwise to ignore him. It’s really beautiful and shows that the Founding Fathers and Presidents down the ages have believed in a god who brought forth the heavens and the earth and who gave humankind the liberty to believe in him or not to love him or not, to obey him or not. Likewise America is a little more Christian then other countries but we try not to be because of the Founding Fathers Pasts. Accordingly America as it early ages was recreating itself and wanted God in American Public life but in ways that weren’t unifying or divisive.

The reason for this was many have left Europe because if chose the wrong type of religion you would be hanged or be-headed. However the Founding Fathers wanted it to be public where people shouldn’t have to hide there religion and who they are. Then when Presidents pray on national TV they never say what god they pray to. The President just say god which can be a very broad amount of religions. Also the founding fathers didn’t want there to be an overarching religion in the same way. Likewise the founding fathers didn’t believe in abolishing religion altogether. Moreover they wanted to make sure and that’s where the First Amendment came into play “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment religion.” This is also where the Founding Fathers decided to make church and state separate.

Then article 6 section 3 “No religious test shall ever be required to any office or public trust under the United States of America.” The founding fathers were generous and truly show how understanding they were. Still with all there power they wanted to make a nation was all forms of religion were acceptable. The Founding Father handled the issue of religion impeccably and resolved it in a way that acknowledged religion without it to be to divisive. Therefore they resolved the issue by making sure church and stated are separate but at the same time believe that there is a higher being. However since The United States of America was raised on the idea of Deism, The Fore Fathers of the United States of America believed church and state should be separated because of the Church of England on the king and parliament. The Founding Father felt that politics and government should be separate from religion because America accepted all religions.