Foster Murder Case

The police in Norwich city arrested Chad M. Schaffer, 32 and Candace L. Foster, 30, over the 2004 murder of the prominent New Hampshire scientist and author, Eugene F Mallove (Allan, 2010). The two were arrested by detectives and charged with first-degree robbery and felony murder charges on the April 1, 2010, six years after the Pembroke, Hampshire Mallove was brutally murdered on May 14, 2004 (Allan, 2010). Schaffer was charged with murder, first-degree robbery and felony murder and held on bail of 10 million USD.

Foster, Schaffer’s former girlfriend was also charged with one count of accessory murder, first-degree robbery and felony murder. She was then held on a 2. 5 million USD bail (Allan, 2010). Earlier in 2008, Schaffer was suspected of slaying the renowned cold fusion physicist. However, the police did not have enough evidence and the charges against him were dropped. Later, the NBC CT came to learn that Schaffer and Foster both knew Mallove well and the crime was not random. This led to fresh issuance of arrest warrants by the New London State’s Attorney’s Officer Part “A” (Allan, 2010).

The arrests of Schaffer came hours after detectives James Curtis and Corey Poore held a two-hour interview with Schaffer which they secretly recorded. In the interview, Schaffer admitted to have committed the murder the night before Mallove was found lying dead in the boyhood’s driveway. Judge Susan B Handy of the New London Superior Court found that the state had collected credible evidence to charge Schaffer with murder, felony murder and first-degree robbery (Allan, 2010).

Schaffer and Foster’s levels of murder charges culpability or blameworthiness differ as the two participated in the killing of Mallove with different intentions (Bailey, n. d). To Schaffer, he acted recklessly as his actions deviated from the norms (Bailey, n. d). He acted out of his anger, beating up Mallove to death after realizing that their belongings was being hurled in a dumpster after being evicted from the place he was living with his parents and his girlfriend, Foster (Allan, 2010). Foster acted knowingly by hitting Mallove in the face following instructions from Schaffer.

She did this so that she would not tell on Schaffer (Bailey, n. d). While she knew the consequences, she participated in the murder to fulfill her boyfriend’s conditions. Reference: Allan, S. D (2010). Eugene Mallove murderers were former renters gone irate. Retrieved July 9, 2010 from: http://pesn. com/2010/05/25/9501655_Mallove_murder_details_emerge/ Bailey, H. W (n. d). Defining types of criminal culpability in New Jersey. Retrieved July 9, 2010 from: http://www. avvo. com/legal- guides/ugc/defining-types-of- criminal- culpability-in-nj