Forward cases of illegal immigrants

If efforts by the current administration are anything to go by, the significant decrease of illegal immigrants being arrested across the borders may be an indication that at last immigration reforms by the Bush administration are starting to bear results . Current efforts to deal with the problem of immigration into the USA have tended to support temporary work programs as a solution to immigration problems.

Temporary work programs are based on the understanding that one of the reasons why immigrants are keen on entering the USA inspite of the dangers and challenges associated with illegal immigration, is the fact that there are serious lack of jobs in their countries of origin. Temporary work program is an immigration reform designed to create room for a lawful and orderly avenue for foreign workers who are genuine to secure employment in the USA .

The fact that search for jobs is a leading reason for illegal immigration into the USA makes this immigration reform one of the most sustainable efforts to deal with the problem of illegal immigration into the USA. Temporary work programs are designed with an understanding of current labour needs in the country and they propose for a limited stay in America as well as a valid back-to-home program to ensure that once workers are done with their contracts, they can freely and willingfully move back to their countries of origin.

This is also designed with an understanding that for the short period foreign workers stay in the USA what they earn is commensurate with their skills and in accordance with minimum wage rates of the USA, which is an indication that the foreign workers will save enough and go back to their home countries, invest the same and sustain a dignified lifestyle while at the same time creating more opportunities in their countries and boosting their countries’ economy.

Therefore, the temporary work program is a welcome immigration reform that will see the government of the USA save millions of dollars, which are spent annually in enforcing border security. Another immigration reform that is being pursued by the administration of the USA is involvement of employers in curbing immigration problem. It has been found that there are employers who solely depend on illegal immigrants cheap labour and are opposed to the process of preventing immigration into the USA.

Unlike the American labour force, which on average is paid high wages the illegal immigrants are desperate, vulnerable, and are disadvantaged in such a way that they cannot seek legal redress even in the face of oppression by their employers. As a result, employers continue to protect, employ, and facilitate the illegal stay in the USA of their workers. It is after this realization that the Bush administration is keen on enforcing measures, which will compel employers to bring forward cases of illegal immigrants working in their businesses.

If this succeeds, the problem of illegal immigration into the USA will have received a significant boost because without opportunities for jobs, then the USA will become less attractive to immigrants and naturally few will be willing to take the risk. To achieve the above goal, suggestions have included the introduction of temper-proof identity cards for legal foreign workers in the USA as a measure of easily identifying and differentiating genuine foreign workers from illegal immigrants.

Although this has been criticized by some human rights activists as tough and inhuman, it is one way of resolving the problem of immigration into the USA. It is aimed at ensuring that employers are held accountable for their actions in regard to whom they choose to employ. As a result, employers are less likely to risk prosecution by employing illegal immigrants and therefore the problem of illegal immigration will receive a significant boost if employers cease to employ illegal immigrants.