A Fortune 500 Company

General Electric Company is a diversified industrial corporation engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of products for the generation, transmission, distribution, control and utilization of electricity. As a result of acquisitions, divestitures and reorganizations, GE continues to be one of the top 15 Fortune 500 Companies.

GE describes itself as composed of a number of primary business units or “businesses.” Each “business” is itself a vast enterprise, any of which would, even as a standalone company, rank in the Fortune 500. The Company’s “business” is divided into the following segments: Aircraft Engines, Commercial Finance, Consumer Finance, Consumer Products, Equipment Management, Insurance, Power Systems and NBC. GE operates in more than 100 countries and employs more than 307,000 people worldwide.

GE Equity’s initial plan was only to invest in areas unrelated to GE, with an eye toward making some money. Having understood how equity investing and growth are converged, top management of GE changed the company’s strategy. It was decided that GE Equity should make investments in companies, technologies, and distribution channels that could further the strategic interests of the various GE businesses. GE Equity’s venture investment goal is to build a world-class, global, private-equity business. The second goal is to extend GE’s management and operating systems to other companies.

GE’s market capitalization is almost $100 billion higher than that of Microsoft. In 2004, GE was named number one company for employers and employees on the Forbes 500 Global Player list. GE places high priority on their employees. Working Mother magazine recognized GE in its 19th and 20th annual list of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.

They were honored as a winning company. GE was mentioned as a company in corporate America who offered a number of successful work/life programs and managed a representation of women throughout the company. Additionally, GE ranked ninth on Fortune Magazine’s “50 Most Desirable MBA Employers” list in April 2004 and in March of 2004 GE received the 2004 Catalyst Award for comprehensive initiatives to advance women through their corporate ranks.

GE equity does not seek to dominate the companies in which it invests. This approach characterized by support and respect for smaller enterprises as well as willingness not to seek control is an important aspect of the company’s success. On their part, entrepreneurs see in GE Equity a value-added opportunity to get where they want to be more quickly than they could with a company offering less. GE often works out a licensing agreement for a portfolio company with General electric. It can also help start-ups over some trouble, sometimes charging prevailing consulting rates for its guidance.

GE Equity is one of the leading providers of equity capital to growing companies. It has $1 billion a year available to invest in growth capital; ensuring future growth. This growth translates to a good return on the dollar and a great investment vehicle for future option purchases.

GE is an enormous multinational industrial company that continues to be one of the top 15 Fortune 500 Companies because they continue to develop and acquire new technologies and services that have considerably broadened the scope of its activities. These activities will ensure continuous growth for the future.

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