The Forgotten Group Member

Forming Stage- The member in this stage will formally interview each other or ask questions about one another so they can be comfortable. It can range from anything personal to professional. They might want to know what I can offer to the group or what can I benefit from the group. He or he at this level is also learning someone’s behavior and they can be stereotyped as well during the process. This is where Christine was elected to be the Team Coordinator.

Storming Stage- At this stage the members seem to be emotional and experience some sort of conflict. For example; Diane seeming not as open as the other members. She was able to suggest some great ideas but only when asked directly. Mike on the other hand had an issue with the meeting because of his television show. Steve seemed serious and wanted an agenda for a meeting they held. Christine was a perfectionist; she gave her all and strived to do the best. These are some examples of the storming stage.

Norming Stage-During this stage they seem more together or cohesive and it looks like they are at some agreement. The only person who is not working is Mike; even though Christine set a time that would work for everyone.

Performing Stage-This stage demonstrates everyone being more organized and motivated by goals and objectives. All of them had done the tasks they were given except Mike. He handed some handwritten notes which showed he was trying to be focused.

Adjourning Stage- During the stage all members are able to perform and their goal is met. Christine just worried about what she should do about Mike and his contribution to the group. With the information provided, it seems to me that they are in the Storming Stage. The reason being is that they all are emotional and looks like there is some sort of tension between them all. Christine would have done a better job as the team coordinator by knowing where they were at during the forming stage and identifying the group’s current stage.

Identify Key Problems

This group is facing some primary and secondary problems that can be solved if the people in it are able to change their behavior. Christine will have to become a more effective leader to be able to manage a group henceforth there is a difference between managing versus leading. She was not engaging enough with her team to know them enough to where she was comfortable enough speaking to them.

I feel like Christine was not well educated on the forming stage of group development. At the forming stage expectations should have been set so they will not be rushing last minute to finish their task. Steve in my opinion would have been a better team leader.

Also Mike was not involved in every step of the process. Mike should have been penalized in some way for not taking it as serious as everyone else. Christine could have paired Mike with Steve since Steve seemed better organized and he made sure things were going accordingly as planned. In a nutshell if Christine had implemented some of the Ten Golden Rules of High Performance as we discussed in class there would have been a forming stage and I am sure everything would have ran smoothly. Her lack in communication in the group did not help as well

. In today’s society there are many resources such as Skype, video conferencing etc. that could have been used to keep them up to par. She could have emailed as well and Mike I am sure would have been happy with that since he was not available. Overall, Christine operated as a manager rather than a leader. The reason I say this is because managers motivate people while leaders have followers and following can be a voluntary activity.

Retrospective EvaluationTo resolve the challenges faced by Christine within her group, several steps should have been taken. Key characteristics should have been identified in the beginning. This would form a high performance organization and increase her chances of doing a great job as a team leader.

For example; Christine could have leadership focused on business instead of administration and make performance measurement a daily responsibility. All five aspects of job satisfaction are essential but the degree of importance will depend on the individual. For example; what motivates Steve may not motivate Mike and Janet or Diane and Janet.

If Christine had done some research before being elected to lead a diverse group there would have been a better outcome. What would have made Christine a better team leader was if she had kept a daily log on each member in the group. In the log she would have a list of task that each individual has completed or not completed, so that when she goes to Professor, Sandra Thiel she will be well organized and ready to show her issues and problems she went through throughout the group project. That way she will own up to why things went the way they did.

ReflectionFrom my judgment, Christine was not an effective group leader. This could have been due to her lack of inexperience in being a leader and because of her lifestyle as a student. There is various leadership styles which would have been better considered in her situation. The main thing is that a leader should always understand his or her own limitations before leading as described in our textbook.

Her means of communication was not suitable as well and that did not help the group at all. She was more focused on achieving her goal instead of caring for her team mates so that they can work collectively together. If Christine was more involved in Mike who was demotivated and clearly set her expectations for the team she would have made an effective group leader.