Forensics Science Refers to the Judicial System

Many people in the world tune into CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, or the all time favorite Law & Order. People tune into those shows but don’t pay attention to the most important scene during the show which is when the crime scene is being investigated. Dr. Wong (Law & Order) is the criminalist (analyze the crime scene) he investigates the scene to get to the bottom of the crime that has been done. What the audience fell to realize is that the criminalist plays the most important role in real life and in the crime television shows.

Forensics Science refers to the judicial system and also is the board of spectrum of science to answer the questions in the legal system which is related to a crime or a civil action that has taken place. A criminalist who is the forensic scientist steps in and reconstruct the timelines of the crime from beginning to the end. The criminalist have the ability which allow them to work the mannerly way that they do. Criminalist use evidence such as hair samples, body fluids, fingerprints, and more to trace reconstruct the events leading up towards the crime.

Forensic anthropology and forensic dentistry are the types of forensic analysis that go hand in hand to help identify the remains. Forensic anthropology which is a type of forensic science that specifically studies humans remains by examining bones and other hard tissue. Forensic anthropologist can find out a great deal of information from skeletons, such as gender, age, injury type, and more. Forensic anthropologist can discern the potential cause of the death and when it occurred by carefully excavating the remains and the recording of their data. The age of the person can be determined by looking at the size of bones. Finding abnormalities can reveal any kind of diseases the victim may have had. The kind or damage made towards the bones also helps forensic analysis regarding what kinds of photography and microscopy to discover more data about the human remains. This can help or rule out the relatives or missing people and victims. The forensic anthropologist use the background of studying people and societies to help describe the story behind the crime that lead to the disaster scene that occurred.