Forensic Science Laboratory

In the face of the mounting economic crisis and tight government spending these days, it is becoming more and more difficult to justify expensive equipment in the forensic science laboratory. Yet, recent advances in DNA technology have enabled law makers to solve crimes that were previously unsolvable or otherwise unresolved for decades. Cases where all leads have gone cold are suddenly revived and justice is served because of advances in other forms of technology that have allowed law makers to gather information that they could not previously obtain.

In fact, due to all the new equipment that was only available to top notch research institutes law makers are able to make sure that the right people go to jail. The justification for the expensive technology infrastructure in forensic science laboratories is that it allows the law makers to solve crimes much faster and also ensure that justice is served. Previous law enforcement methods and forensic science procedures allowed for a larger margin of error.

This means that sometimes the wrong people are sent to prison, as has been shown in the recent court cases where people were sent to prison for 20 years only to be released and found innocent after a DNA test. Instances such as these have been dramatically reduced because of the technology infrastructure. Another reason why there is a need for this high tech equipment is due to the fact that the criminals are becoming high tech as well.

A pitfall in the improvement of technology comes from the fact that it becomes accessible to law makers and criminals alike. As the culprits take advantage of technology to further their nefarious deeds so must law makers in able to catch these people. Criminals these days use every tool at their disposal to get away from the law makers as such it is imperative that the law makers have every tool at their disposal to catch these people. To argue, therefore, that there is no need for expensive laboratory equipment would be to deny justice.