Forensic investigation

Forensic investigation has slowly become a very important tool in the corporate world and has been very effective in regulating workplace issues through the help of technology. HR professionals started being part of forensic investigations in an organization and have utilized different existing and budding technological advances in order to prevent employee wrongdoings. Forensic investigations with the use of computers have become very efficient in tracking down the truth behind sexual harassment accusations, gambling in the workplace, organizational espionage and kick-back mechanisms inside the organization.

This empowers human resource personnel because it enables them to go beyond their usual functions and become more efficient in intervening with the dynamics of the organization to ensure the proper workflow. Computer forensics is widely used in other fields such as the military and has become very efficient even in the industrial setting. One particular technology is Clarity Digital Investigations, Inc. ’s Hostile Application Analysis which is based on military technology.

Because espionage can be successfully accomplished through an organization’s computer system, it is critical that these systems are regularly checked for malicious or hazardous programs. Corporate espionage can be tracked down by this technology by an in depth analysis and identification of softwares. Organizations are very much at risk with the existence of outside attackers and at the same time are exposed to employees who have closer access to files and information.

This is the reason why it is very important that companies have access to these kinds of technology to lower the risk of espionage. This suggests that forensic investigation slowly becomes parallel with the innovation in other fields and at the same time levels with the modernization of corporate espionage. Reference: Newswire Today. (2006). “Clarity Digital Investigations Inc. introduces new service to combat cyber-warfare applications”. Retrieve on April 6, 2009, from http://www. newswiretoday. com/news/4021/