How Should Ford Motor Company Market Differently to Generation Y, Generation X, and Baby Boomers?

How should Ford Motor company market differently to Generation Y, Generation X, and baby boomers? Each generation has its own characteristics, attitudes and lifestyle. Understanding their needs, wants and buying behaviors is essential to be able to connect with them. Efficient communication to convey the message will help gain their trust. Once gained, with their attention captivated, it will be easy to position the brand in their minds. Ford Motor Company should be prepared to serve people from all segments of the population, providing products that meet the demands and expectations of each generational group.

GENERATION Y was born during 1979-1994 and are in the 18–33 age range. They are in the age where they are able to buy a car for the first time. Most Gen Y’ers don’t have a lot of money, so their preferences are cheaper. Gen Y’ers like small, sporty cars, and crave technology. When young byers buy new cars, they are looking for things like safety, fun-to-drive and multiple technology features. Tech extras that appeal to them are music servers and customizable on-screen displays. Young people care about the environment and are more concerned about air pollution.

So they lean towards fuel-efficient vehicles. Generation Y wants cars that are different from everyone else’s. They are likely to customize their cars since it is an expression of their personality. They should be offered several automobile accessories. They are loyal to the brand, so it is important that Ford has the attention of this generation and keep it for the long run. As they were born into a technological, electronic and wireless society, the best way to connect with them is through internet and smart phones. They prefer emails or pop-ups containing ads with humor or irony.

College newspapers, magazines and through sponsoring on campus events is another way to reach them. GENERATION X was born durign 1965-1978 and their ages are between 34-47. They lifestyle includes balancing family, work and personal life. They purchase cars based on need instead of desire. As they are raising families, they look for models that meet their family size. They have specific qualities they search for in cars, like affordability, quality and durability. They are vey conscious about safety and low price, and don’t have brand loyalty. Gen X is turned off by hype.

Marketing to them is a very difficult process. They trust themselves and friend’s opinions rather than advertising. Yet, understanding their needs and wants can likely gain their trust. They don’t like being grouped. A good way to reach this generation is individually, emphasizing communication through the Internet. Email messages with their names makes them feel important. BABY BOOMERS were born during 1946-1964 and are in the 48-65 age range. Health, energy and wellness are major goals for them. Family values are very important to this generation.

Many are becoming Empty Nesters since their children are leaving home. The necessity of having a family vehicle is not essential anymore. Boomers put a priority on good value for the money and on comfortable attributes like ride and handling. They are environmentally conscious and supportive of green products. Baby Boomers like to show off their personal style, so they tend to look for cars that increases their social status. Since boomers grew up with TV, this medium is a major route to approach this generation. Yet, as they are jaded of ads and promises, baby boomers look for word-of-mouth promotion.

When it comes time to decide on a purchase, they ask friends who they trust for advice. It’s a good tactic that Ford pays money to producers to use their vehicles in movies and television programs. The Internet is a commnunication vehicle as well. Since Hispanics are the largest minority group in the United States, it is a good idea to air television ads in English and Spanish.. Boomers are idealists and are concerned about health. Ford Company should engage in campaigns and events related to health and good causes. The commitement to social causes can give Ford a good image as a caring and supportive company.