Ford Model T

Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company produced the ‘Tin Lizzie’ or ‘Model T’ in September 1908. Compared to Ford’s previous models, Model T is by far the most popular and successful of all Ford car models. Even now, nineteen years after it was first produced in 1908, Model T’s are still a favorite amongst consumers. Not only is this model the finest of all Ford’s models, it is also one of the best models compared to all other car models being produced in the United States and Canada.

According to statistics, the Model T is the top choice when it comes to purchasing vehicles. The model’s sturdy build was made for rough use and can withstand rugged terrains. Furthermore, it lays upon brawny wheels that stand thirty inches in diameter with stiff springs within. The exterior is made of a special vanadium steel. This vanadium steel is by far stronger and lighter compared to all other metals used for car models. Other than its composition, the Model T is very easy to drive and simple to fix.

Moreover, the price is inexpensive compared to the prices of other vehicles on the market. A max of forty miles per hour is the only downfall of the Model T. Obviously, the pros beat the cons, leaving For Model T the reigning car model amongst others. The production of Model T’s has greatly influenced the United States in various ways. In one aspect, the Model T’s help the United States’ economy. Since it is so popular with consumers and are in such a great demand, Ford Motor Company began mass production of the Model T’s.

Since they were able to produce more, they were able to sell at lower costs. This helped out the people out there who couldn’t afford expensive, luxurious cars, but still enabled Ford to profit from the sales. A large amount of money accumulated from that. In a different aspect, the Model T’s also changed Ford Motor Company’s industry. Due to the Model T’s great demand, Ford had to work incredibly hard to keep up. Rather than all working on constructing one car after another, Ford adapted the assembly line to speed up production.

This spread the assembly line method of production in industries. Ford Motor Company’s Model T’s dominated the United States. Since production began in 1908, more than fifteen million Model T’s have been sold. As of right now, more than half of all the cars across the nation are Ford’s Model T’s. Model T’s had, have been for the past nineteen years, and will continue for years to come to create an uproar in our society.