Fluor’s Global Engineering Serveice

The company’s engineering expertise ranges from traditional disciplines, such as architectural, civil, electrical, mechanical, piping, and structural engineering; to advanced specialties including simulation, enterprise integration, integrated automation processes, and interactive 3D and 4D modeling. During conceptual design, Fluor uses proprietary processes and collaborative tools to engage the project’s interdisciplinary team in developing a detailed estimate and gaining alignment from all functional areas.

These processes and tools help identify and mitigate project risks before detailed design and construction activities begin. In 2012, Fortune magazine ranked Fluor No. 1 on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list in the “Engineering, Construction” category. In 2011, Fluor was ranked No. 1 on ENR’s list of Top 100 Design-Build Firms, No. 2 on its Top 400 Contractors list, and No. 1 on its Top 100 Contractors by New Contracts.

Design CapabilitiesFluor’s conceptual and detailed design services align each project’s function, scope, cost, and schedule with the client’s objectives to optimize project success. Fluor Design CapabilitiesFluor’s conceptual design capabilities align each project’s function, scope, cost, and schedule with client objectives to optimize project success. The conceptual design phase offers the best opportunity to assess business, commercial, and technical risks; and to improve return on investment.

During conceptual design, Fluor establishes the early project definition of the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) requirements and a detailed project estimate. Services include feasibility studies, project-development planning, technology evaluation and recommendations, risk-management assessment, global siting, financing planning, constructability reviews, asset and life-cycle optimization over the facility’s lifecycle, and front-end engineering. Fluor’s design expertise isreflected in a series of reference power plant designs, incorporating both the latest technology and the accumulated experience of Fluor. These designs can save time in obtaining the licenses required to operate a plant, reduce capital costs, and promote shorter schedules. These reference designs are available in sizes best suited to the clients’ needs and to various market and site conditions and can be adapted to offer flexibility for output capacity, equipment manufacturers, and other client preferences. Reference plant designs include:

•Combustion turbine units•Pulverized coal units•Fluidized-bed coal unitsFluor has also developed the Baseline CentricSM approach to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions that enhance the value of its clients’ assets and increase their long-term business success. This proprietary system begins with the FOCUSSM process, a collaborative work practice that engages all of a project’s multidisciplinary team members in the project’s development. The FOCUS process:

•Builds early consensus across all disciplines and functional areas •Solves the project’s issues prior to execution•Establishes a detailed estimate•Connects each project activity and decision to the estimate •Reduces the number of change orders•Assigns accountability for services and material•Details EPC in a conceptual design report

Engineering CapabilitiesFluor’s global engineering teams use proven processes, systems, and 24/7 collaboration tools to deliver solutions that meet clients’ unique project requirements.

Fluor Engineering CapabilitiesWith office locations on six continents and hundreds of project sites around the world, Fluor’s teams of experienced engineers execute complex andchallenging projects. The individual and collective project and technical expertise of its engineering experts allows Fluor to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions to clients to maximize assets, improve competitive positioning, and increase long-term business success. Fluor serves clients in oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals, power, mining, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, transportation, commercial and institutional, renewable energy, and government segments to name a few.

Fluor’s engineering capabilities comprise proven processes and best practices available 24/7 via its award-winning knowledge-management system, Knowledge OnLineSM. This system connects Fluor engineers and technical experts around the globe, providing a collaboration tool for solutions to complex project challenges. More importantly, Fluor executes all projects with paramount consideration for the health, safety, and environmental well-being of all current and future project participants and stakeholders.