Fitness and Nutrition Paper

Fitness and nutritional habits should be more enforced in today’s society; especially in the United States. The general public as a whole is less healthy the prior days. People are not as active, make poor eating choices, are indoors more often and always on the run. This is the results to an unhealthy culture. By changing our day to day habits by incorporating healthy meal planning and exercise we can beat this growing change. As for my current fitness and nutritional habits they are improved than they were a few months past.

I use to eat on the go, never work-out and essentially do what was quick, easy, and convenient. I have had some life changes which have made all this change. I am getting married in a little over four months. I have begun to plan out my weekly meals with thought and I have begun to exercise a few nights a week. I know is still need to tweak my habits a bit however, I feel as though I am heading down the correct path. I am sure if I did not work on my health behavior I would have eventually been at a condition that would difficult to get out of.

People who carry on my prior eating way of life tend become obese. Obesity is an extremely serious health concern among society today. Obesity can result to many health risk. The most common of these health risks are heart disease; which results to heart attack, congestive heart failure, sudden cardiac death, and chest pains. Another huge risk is the psychological and social effects obesity can have on someone. These health risk can be avoided my making simple nutritional and fitness changes.

Personally for myself I can incorporate more than a few fitness habits that will improve my way of life. I have begun to work-out however; I can start to this more frequent. I currently exercise maybe one or two times weekly. My increase my exercise frequency to three to four times weekly. The more you work your body, the easy it is to adapt to new routines; in return receiving results. I currently do pretty much just cardiovascular exercise. If I were to add muscular strength endurance to my regular work-out, I could improve.

These types of exercises include; sit-ups: curl-ups; pull-ups and etc. These types of exercise strengthen your body while improving your appearance as well. Another fitness habit I could incorporate for improvement would be flexibility. Including proper stretching routines before and after work-outs can improve your range of motion for your joints when exercising. Improving your nutritional habits can also prevent future health risk. The biggest challenge for me is sticking to the food pyramid; the best way to achieve this by planning all meals.

I have a large amount difficulty with incorporate all the meat and fruits needed in my daily intake. With meat I am really not a huge fan of, as for fruits I truthfully am too lazy to cut them up and have them prepared for the following workday. This is something that can easily be fixed, and I will. I have also started to use the My Pyramid website that was listed in the book. This is a great tool and tracker. An even easier way to improve health is by reading labels.

Reading these labels can help you to increase the nutrients that you want you and your family to eat, like calcium and fiber, and limit nutrients that can be unhealthy, like fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. I read labels for the most part to avoid ingredients for food allergies, this will be a reasonably lifestyle adjustment to improve my families health. Last, for my own personal nutrition improvement would be to add more protein to my diet. Proteins provide energy; since I am not a huge admirer of meat (one of the biggest sources of protein) I need to incorporate other items in replacement.

I am not a vegetarian; I just do not like the taste of most meats. I can include more milk, cheese, eggs, beans and nuts into my diet. With making these improvements in my nutritional lifestyle I can become healthier. With the fitness and nutritional improvements listed above, not only will I be healthier I will improve and maintain my weight and health in general. Frequent exercise that includes endurance and flexibility along with current cardiovascular fitness with improve weigh, body mass and general health.

While maintaining these fitness improvements along with the positive nutritional changes will also lend a hand in the weight management and an all around healthy you. Sticking to these goals will incorporate a healthy lifestyle. References Food guide pyramid. (2008, May 20). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 02:03, May 21, 2008, from http://en. wikipedia. org/w/index. php? title=Food_guide_pyramid&oldid=213825214 Insel, Paul M. , & Roth, Walton T. (2008). Core Concepts in Health (10th ed. ). , : The McGraw-Hill Companies.